What does PdMA motor testing stand for?

What does PdMA motor testing stand for?

Predictive Maintenance
PdMA (Predictive Maintenance) is a sophisticated system of trending the condition of your critical machinery. Utilizing the MCEMax all in one tester, electrical rotating machinery can be analyzed both statically and dynamically, utilizing the 6 Fault Zones. Power Circuit. Power Quality.

What is induction imbalance?

Inductive Imbalance During the test, a high-frequency AC voltage is applied to the motor. This voltage produces a magnetic field around the windings which should be matched between phases. The inductance measurement for each phase is then compared to the other phases and calculated into an inductive imbalance.

How do you check a motor is OK?

Start by completely disconnecting the spindle motor from all power sources. Check each wire, including T1, T2, T3 and the ground wire. If the reading is infinite, your motor should be fine. If you get a zero reading or any continuity reading, you have either a motor problem or a cable problem.

What is motor routine test?

The purpose of the test in the motor routine testing is to calculate power factor, starting current and starting torque. The test is done on the locked rotor condition. The starting current might be high, and the test normally is done at lower voltage and result of the test extrapolated to the rated voltage.

How often does Pdma require practitioner validation?

Re-verification of practitioner State license or authorization numbers should be performed annually by the manufacturer (64 FR 67720 at 67736-67737). Mid-level practitioners (e.g., nurse practitioners) who are permitted to prescribe under State law may receive prescription drug samples.

Why is resistance measured in an induction motor?

It provides the best possible measurement results since it ensures that the resistance of the connecting current cables is not included in the measurement. The test current is passed through the windings using the high current cables.

How do I know if my single phase motor is bad?

With a multimeter, measure the resistance between motor frame (body) and earth. A good motor should read less than 0.5 ohms. Any value greater 0.5 ohms indicate trouble with the motor. For single phase motors, the expected voltage is about 230V or 208V depending whether you are using the UK or America voltage system.

What is cogging and crawling?

The important characteristics normally shown by a squirrel cage induction motors are crawling and cogging. These characteristics are the result of improper functioning of the motor that means either motor is running at very slow speed or it is not taking the load.