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What does pluggers mean in Australian?

What does pluggers mean in Australian?

pluggers. a pair of thongs (footwear) with only one plug under the foot to hold the footwear together: you just blew the back out of my pluggers.

What is pluggers slang?

1. plugger – someone who is an active supporter and advocate. promoter, booster. adman, advertiser, advertizer – someone whose business is advertising.

What does the term bush pig mean?

: a wild usually reddish to black pig (Potamochoerus porcus) of forests and scrubland of sub-Saharan Africa and Madagascar that has much facial hair, long pointed ears, and a light-colored mane along the top of the neck and back.

What does pig mean in Australia?

‘pig’s’ meaning An expression of repudiation equivalent to “like hell”. Effectively the second word is silent. Example: “I’m drinking beer tonight.” “Pig’s you are!”

What does double pluggers mean in Australia?

DOUBLE PLUGGER (noun). The highest standard of thong. Two plugs through the sole on each side. Also known as Bangers, these thongs epitomised the unpretentious and egalitarian Australian surf scene at the time, quickly rising to iconic status. As such they became The Australian Thong.

What is a singlet Australia?

singlet – a sleeveless undershirt, known in British English as a vest and in American English as a tank top (or, colloquially, as a “wife beater”).

What is a servo in Australia?

Servo = Service or Gas Station A servo is a service or gas station, as in, a place where you fill up your car with petrol.

What is a dirty bush pig?

Potamochoerus larvatus (F. Cuvier, 1822) The bushpig (Potamochoerus larvatus) is a member of the pig family that inhabits forests, woodland, riverine vegetation and cultivated areas in East and Southern Africa.

What is the difference between a warthog and a bush pig?

Bush pigs don’t run with their tails up like their cousins. They also have less prominent warts on their muzzle. Warthogs feed on grass, roots, fruit and tubers but don’t often eat meat. Bush pigs are omnivores and they like the same food as warthogs with the addition of earthworms and insect larvae.

What does I’m in pig mean?

If you call someone a pig, you think that they are unpleasant in some way, especially that they are greedy or unkind. [informal, disapproval]

What is called the House of pig?

A sty or pigsty is a small-scale outdoor enclosure for raising domestic pigs as livestock. It is sometimes referred to as a hog pen, hog parlor, pigpen, pig parlor, or pig-cote, although pig pen may refer to pens confining pigs that are kept as pets as well.

What does plugging someone mean?

verb, informal To publicize or advertise (something) during or as a part of something, such as a broadcast or interview. verb, slang To shoot (someone or something) with a gun.