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What does PON mean in medical terms?

What does PON mean in medical terms?

PON: The symbol for the enzyme called paraoxonase.

What is PON abbreviation?


Acronym Definition
PON Purchase Order Number (Sprint)
PON Program Opportunity Notice
PON Particulate Organic Nitrogen
PON Petroleum Operations Notice (DTI UK government Department of Trade & Industry)

What is the medical term for cut?

A laceration or cut refers to a skin wound. Unlike an abrasion, none of the skin is missing. A cut is typically thought of as a wound caused by a sharp object, like a shard of glass. Lacerations tend to be caused by blunt trauma.

What does po mean in Latin?

per os
Po is the Latin abbreviation for “per os” which translates as by mouth or orally.

What does PON mean in Jamaica?

PON is a word in Jamaican English (Patois) that carries an intrusive P on the English word ON. WEH YUH DEH PON means ‘What are you doing? ‘ Literally translated as: What are you on (to do)? 1 Share.

What does PON mean in Japanese?

Nippon’ is one of the Japanese words used for ‘Japan’. In the world of “The Man in the High Castle,” ‘Pons’ is a derogatory short-hand for the Japanese.

What is the most serious problem with a puncture wound?

Health professionals have an increased risk of needle-stick injuries. A puncture from a used needle increases the risk of infection or for transmitting a blood-borne disease, such as hepatitis or human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Home treatment may be all that is needed for puncture wounds from clean needles.

Do I need stitches if it stops bleeding?

You’ll likely need stitches if the wound: Bleeds enough to soak through a bandage. Keeps bleeding even after you apply direct pressure for 5 to 10 minutes.

Why do doctors write in Latin?

Less than a century ago, medical practitioners still maintained secrecy of their remedies by writing their prescriptions in Latin so that patients would not know that they were being prescribed something like, perhaps, Swamp Root for their kidneys.

What is BD in medical prescription?

b.i.d., bid, bd. twice a day / twice daily / 2 times daily. bis in die.

Why do Jamaicans say ya mon?

“Mon” is a Jamaican word that’s particularly important to the locals and is often used when talking to anyone, whether it’s a child or adult. The English translation for the Jamaican saying “ya mon” is “no problem” or “okay.” When someone offers you a rum runner, for example, it’s what you might want to say: “Ya mon!”

Why do Jamaicans say hush?

Other English speakers may hear this word and wonder why they’re being told to shut up but for Jamaicans, “hush” is an expression of empathy and/or sympathy. The word is useful in many different situations such as comforting someone who is sick or grieving, or empathizing with someone facing a problem at work.

What does Pons stand for in medical category?

The Portable Neuromodulation Stimulator ( PoNS) is an investigational non-invasive device designed to deliver neurostimulation through the tongue.

What does Pon stand for in Urban Dictionary?

” pon my soul and honour I hardly know what I came here for. ‘ Pon my soul and honour,’ said the military gentleman, checking himself and looking round the room, ‘what a devilish classical thing this is! “One, two, tree, four, fibe – I done pass fibe big limb, massa, pon dis side.”

Where are the pons located in the brain?

A slender tissue joining two parts of an organ. 2. A band of nerve fibers on the ventral surface of the brainstem that links the medulla oblongata and the cerebellum with upper portions of the brain. Also called pons Varolii.

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