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What does pre-scratch mean in homestuck?

What does pre-scratch mean in homestuck?

Pre-scratch kids are John, Jade, Rose, and Dave. Post-scratch kids are Jane, Jake, Roxy, and Dirk. Pre-scratch and post-scratch are terms for the B1 universe and B2 universe. B2 universe is where Jane and her friends are kids and play sburb.

Is Roxy Lalonde Rose’s mom?

Roxy Lalonde is the ectobiologic mother and Guardian of Rose Lalonde.

What caused the scratch homestuck?

The pre-scratch trolls initiating the scratch, which shows the symbols of both Time and Space in Skaia When the kids initiated the scratch in their session, past Skaia manipulated the defense gates’ target location to change the history of the post-scratch universe.

Is Dirk Dave’s dad?

Dirk Strider is Dave Strider’s ectobiologic father, adoptive older brother, and guardian. He shared a fierce sibling rivalry with his younger brother and raised him harshly, to the point of his behavior being considered abuse by Andrew Hussie.

How old is Mituna?

Mituna Captor
Title Heir of Doom
Age Possibly 9 solar sweeps/19 earth years (Spent Beforan 3 solar sweeps, 6 1/2 earth years, in the session before dying)
Screen Name non-canon: tornAbomination

Are Dirk Strider and Roxy Lalonde related?

Roxy and Dirk are very close, though their friendship has often been strained.

How old is rose from homestuck?

Rose is very insightful into everyone else’s neuroses, but perhaps not as aware of her own. For all her outward poise and confidence, Rose is still a 13-year-old girl, and is prone to all the silliness and insecurities of anyone her age.

Why did Jake and Dirk break up?

Upon being confronted by trickster Jake’s proposal to group marry him and once engaging in a failed version of trickster mode himself, Dirk breaks up with Jake. Dirk guesses that his intense advances towards him were partially initially because Jake was the only romantic target due to his orientation.

Is Sollux bipolar?

Of course, Sollux isn’t perfect. He’s stated to be bipolar, but his symptoms are more radical changes from sad and self-deprecating to a confident, smug douche than any manic-depressive cycle.

Who are the pre scratch trolls in Homestuck?

Except for Porrim, their pre-Scratch counterparts are all insane and violent. Crystal Dragon Jesus: Several of them took up the Sufferer’s teachings, Aranea most specifically.

Who are the best characters in Homestuck pre scratch?

Sanity Ball: Passed around. Rufioh and Porrim are the best-adjusted characters, Meenah is the only one who actively wants to stop the giant monster from killing them all by uniting everyone. Aranea mixed both, being level headed and focused, but threw the ball away once her plan was revealed.

Is there a caste system in Homestuck pre scratch?

Fantastic Caste System: Like in the Post-Scratch world, they have the Hemospectrum. However, rather than being outright racist, theirs simply determines what role you will play in society. Notably, the highbloods actually help and guide the lower ones, rather than oppress them.

How is the scratch represented in MS Paint Adventures?

The scratch may also be thought of as analogous to a record scratch, a destructive sound produced when a record is forced to run backwards and then continue forwards from an earlier point. The record scratch is portrayed quite literally with the Beat Mesa, and symbolically with Disc 2 of Homestuck.