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What does RW mean in skydiving?

What does RW mean in skydiving?

FS. FS is an acronym for formation skydiving, another term for relative work (RW) which refers to skydivers who jump together in a belly to earth body orientation while creating pre-designed formations.

What are military skydivers called?

A paratrooper is a military parachutist—someone trained to parachute into an operation, and usually functioning as part of an airborne force. Military parachutists (troops) and parachutes were first used on a large scale during World War II for troop distribution and transportation.

What are the parts of a parachute called?

What are the parts of a traditional, round parachute?

  • Pilot chute: A small parachute that opens the large, main parachute.
  • Bridle: Connects the pilot chute to the main chute.
  • Apex or top vent: Allows a slow escape of air from the top of the main chute.
  • Canopy: Main part of the parachute.

What is a ram air parachute?

Ram-air canopies are rectangular as opposed to round, and as the canopy moves forward and down air is forced into it creating an inflated wing. The shape and design of Ram-air canopies result in a type of parachute that is highly maneuverable and makes their users more like pilots and less like passengers.

Why do skydivers say blue skies?

Blue-Skies: Of course there is the literal meaning of “blue-skies”, which is that there is a cloudless day, but in skydiving, the phrase is imbued with more meaning. Used as both a greeting and phrase of farewell, it’s a way to say that you hope all is well and a bit of a benediction or blessing that it stays that way.

When was the first skydive?

The first successful parachute jump was actually made by André-Jacques Garnerin from a hydrogen balloon, 3,200 feet above Paris, way back in 1797. Imagine being the first person to try that!

How high is a normal skydive?

around 14,000 feet
Most skydiving centers here in the US jump from an altitude of around 14,000 feet (around 4.2 kilometers or 2.6 miles). From this altitude, jumpers get around 60 seconds of freefall time which is enough for your basic skydive. If you want to experience something extra special, 18,000 feet is where it’s at!

What shape of parachute is most effective?

circle parachute
The circle parachute should demonstrate the slowest average descent rate because its natural symmetrical shape would be the most efficient design to maximize wind resistance and create drag.

What does naked skydiving mean?

Not Sexual. Many people associate public nudity as sexual. When it comes to naked skydiving, it’s the furthest thing from sexual or attractive. If you Google naked skydiving, you will get endless results of people jumping in the buff (mostly in Europe) and what you see doesn’t look good.