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What does Sinon spy do?

What does Sinon spy do?

The primary use for spies is to gather information about function calls. You can also use them to help verify things, such as whether a function was called or not. The function sinon. spy returns a Spy object, which can be called like a function, but also contains properties with information on any calls made to it.

What are the advantages of Sinon JS framework?

sinon. js provides “[s]tandalone test spies, stubs and mocks for JavaScript.” It has no dependencies and will work with any unit testing framework. In short, they’ve done a lot of the work for you in writing mock servers, timers, events, and providing a framework to override the base behavior of external libraries.

What is Sinon Spy ()?

sinon.spy(object, “method”) creates a spy that wraps the existing function object.method . The spy will behave exactly like the original method (including when used as a constructor), but you will have access to data about all calls.

What is a Sinon stub?

Test stubs are functions (spies) with pre-programmed behavior. They support the full test spy API in addition to methods which can be used to alter the stub’s behavior. As spies, stubs can be either anonymous, or wrap existing functions.

How do I reset my Sinon spy?

  1. If you just want to reset the call count, use reset . This keeps the spy.
  2. To remove the spy use restore .

What is the difference between mock and stub?

A Mock is just testing behaviour, making sure certain methods are called. A Stub is a testable version (per se) of a particular object.

How do you define Sinon?

: one who deceives and betrays by false tales : one guilty of perfidy.

Is Sinon a boy?

[Sinon] is the first recurring female character in the anime side of the franchise who is not defined primarily by her connection to Kirito. Instead she is defined by an incident from her past which she cannot escape no matter how hard she tries, one which has inflicted her with the rough equivalent of PTSD.

How does Sinon stub work?

Sinon replaces the whole request module (or part of it) during the test execution, making the stub available via require(‘request’) and then restore it after the tests are finished? I’ve tried to follow the logic in stub. js code in Sinon repo, but I’m not very familiar with JavaScript yet.

How do I stub with Sinon?

If you need to check that a certain value is set before a function is called, you can use the third parameter of stub to insert an assertion into the stub: var object = { }; var expectedValue = ‘something’; var func = sinon. stub(example, ‘func’, function() { assert. equal(object.

When should a spy be used?

Spies are useful when we have a huge class full of methods, and we want to mock certain methods. In this scenario, we should prefer using spies rather than mocks and stubs. It calls the real method behavior, if the methods are not stubbed. In Mockito, spy() method is used for creating spy objects.