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What does snarf mean?

What does snarf mean?

transitive verb. : to eat (something) quickly or greedily : scoff entry 3 snarfed down some pizza …

What does snarf snarf mean in slang?

(slang) To expel fluid or food through the mouth or nostrils accidentally, usually while attempting to stifle laughter with one’s mouth full.

What kind of cat is snarf?

Snarf (ThunderCats)

Alias Osbert
Species Snarf
Gender Male
Occupation Servant

Who says snarf snarf?

Bob McFadden
Bob McFadden: Snarf, Snarfer, Slythe, Ratar-O. Jump to: Quotes (9)

What does Bluejack mean?

: an oak (Quercus cinerea) of the southern U.S. with entire cuneate leaves and numerous small acorns.

What does scarf up mean?

US, informal. : to take (something) in a quick and eager way People scarfed up the free gifts.

Who is the strongest ThunderCat?

Powers and Abilities Panthro is physically the strongest ThunderCat and is a cunning warrior in combat, relying as much on martial arts as on physical strength. With Tygra’s help, he builds all of the vehicles the ThunderCats use on Third Earth; including: ThunderTank, Feliner, ThunderClaw, ThunderStrike, and HoverCat.

What did the ThunderCats yell?

When in danger, the wielder can summon the other ThunderCats by shooting the symbol of the Eye of Thundera into the sky, by shouting the battle cry, “Thunder…Thunder–Thunder–ThunderCats HO!!!” Upon saying this incantation, the Sword also transforms: the cross-bars of the hilt curl upwards, the blade grows from …

Where did snarf snarf come from?

Planet of Snarfs
Snarf, whose real name is “Osbert”, comes from the Planet of Snarfs. He was Lion-O’s nursemaid back on Thundera when he was a boy. Even though Lion-O is grown, he still worries over him to the point of being overprotective. In addition, he lectures him on a regular basis (although to his credit, he is generally right).

How tall is snarf?

Snarf, the comedic yet fiercely loyal sidekick of the ThunderCats, stands a snarfing 5 inches tall (in scale with the rest of Mezco’s ThunderCats Series) and snarfs a snarfity snarf snarf.

What is Blue Jack in Mobile?

Bluejacking is the use of Bluetooth wireless technology to either send messages or files to a phone, or connect to it in other ways. The benefit of Bluejacking is that the connection isn’t conveyed through a carrier, so it’s harder to track. And it’s anonymous.

What smurfing means?

Smurfing is a money-laundering technique involving the structuring of large amounts of cash into multiple small transactions. Smurfing is a form of structuring, in which criminals use small, cumulative transactions to remain below financial reporting requirements.