What does the code P1416?

What does the code P1416?

Answer: P1416 indicates a fault with your Yukon’s Secondary Air Injection (AIR) system on Bank 2 (engine side on which cylinder 2 is located) of the engine.

Where is secondary air injection valve?

Secondary air valves are an integral part of the secondary air system. They are fitted between the secondary air pump (1) and exhaust manifold. They prevent pressure peaks in the exhaust flow from damaging the secondary air system and exhaust gas or condensate from entering the secondary air pump.

What does P1415 mean?

secondary air injection system
Answer: OBDII Trouble Code P1415 for the secondary air injection system on your 2000 Chevrolet Siverado is more then likely caused by a restricted or defective AIS (air injection system) check valve. This AIR injection valve is located on the top of the engine going into the exhuast manifold (driver side – Bank 1).

What is a po410 code?

Code P0410 is the result of the Engine Control Module (ECM) indicating a malfunctioning Secondary Air Injection System. This happens when the O2 sensor does not accurately detect the changes in the O2 level of the exhaust while the air injection system is functioning.

How do I know if my secondary air pump is bad?

5 Symptoms of a Bad Secondary Air Injection Pump

  1. 1) Check Engine Light.
  2. 2) Failed Emissions Test.
  3. 3) Weak Acceleration.
  4. 4) Engine Stalling.
  5. 5) Low Idle.

What causes secondary air injection malfunction?

A faulty pump is generally the most frequent cause of the system failing. Faulty ground and voltage supply can also cause the pump to fail. Blocked or leaking lines can also cause the failure or malfunction of the control or combination valve, resulting in the failure of the secondary air system.

How do I know if my air pump is working?

Usually, a failed air pump will produce a few noticeable symptoms that can alert the driver that the vehicle requires attention.

  1. Engine is running rough. One of the first symptoms of a bad or failing smog pump is a rough running engine.
  2. Reduced horsepower.
  3. Check Engine Light comes on.

How do I fix code po410?

What repairs can fix the P0410 code?

  1. Replacing the air injection pump and power relay.
  2. Replacing O2 sensors that respond too slow as they age.
  3. Replacing the air injection pump intake filter clogged with debris.

What could cause a P0410 code?