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What does Tier 2 sex offender mean in Michigan?

What does Tier 2 sex offender mean in Michigan?

The state of Michigan ranks sex offenders in a three-tiered system. Tier one covers crimes such as aggravated indecent exposure and possession of child pornography, while tier two includes more serious offenses, such as soliciting minors for sex.

What is Tier 2 on sex offender list?

A Tier II sex offender must register for 25 years. The act defines a sex offense as (1) a crime involving a sexual act or sexual contact with another, (2) specified crimes against minors, (3) specified federal crimes and military crimes, and (4) attempt or conspiracy to commit one of them.

What are the new rules for sex offenders in Michigan?

The new law also eliminated previous in-person reporting requirements for registrants who changed email or street addresses and vehicle information. The Detroit News reported the new law also requires registered sex offenders to be removed from the Public Sex Offender Registry if their crime is expunged.

Can a Tier 3 sex offender get off the registry in Michigan?

The offender was less than 14 years old at the time of the Tier III offense and was adjudicated as a juvenile. We understand how serious it is to be listed on the public sex offender registry in Michigan, and we will do all we can to get you off that list.

Can you get off the sex offender list in Michigan?

In order to ask the court to discontinue your requirement to register with a sex offender registration authority, you must file a petition with the court in which you were convicted or adjudicated. You can either hire an attorney or you can represent yourself.

Can sex offenders go to parks Michigan?

Registrants cannot “loiter” within 1.000 feet of a school, which means that registrant-parents cannot participate in many of their children’s educational activities, attend school activities, or take their children to a park within an exclusion zone.

Is Level 3 sex offender the worst?

Level 3 is the most serious classification and legally indicates a “sexual predator.” These individuals have at least one felony charge of first-degree sexual misconduct or two felony charges of second-degree sexual misconduct.

Can you ever get off sex offender list?

Getting Off of the Sex Offender Registry The first option is to try and get your case dismissed after you have completed your jail/prison sentence or your probation. This allows you to take the conviction off of your record, however, you may still be required to register as a sex offender.

How long do sex offenders have to register in Michigan?

15 years
How long must offenders remain registered as sex offenders? – Tier 1 offenders must register for 15 years. – Tier 2 offenders must register for 25 years. – Tier 3 offenders must register for life.