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What does Wink of Stella do?

What does Wink of Stella do?

Wink of Stella Glitter Brush acts just like a fine paint brush, with a nylon brush tip that can produce thick or thin lines of glitter, allowing artistic freedom. They are perfect for writing, adding controlled glitter, and stamped projects.

How do you store Wink of Stella pens?

Wink of Stella Glitter Brushes and Wink of Luna Metallic Brushes should be stored with the cap on and vertically, with the tip and cap facing up. This will keep the brush tips from becoming flooded with ink and will help them last much longer.

What is Wink of Stella made of?

For those of you who have not tried or heard of Wink Of Stella glitter pens by Zig, they are brush pens that are made from nylon, and they are packed full of extremely fine glitter that adds sparkly accents and just a ‘wink’ of shimmery glittery happiness to your projects.

Can you refill Wink of Stella?

You can refill your Wink Of Stella glitter pens in 4 easy steps and we will show you how to get every last drop of shimmering goodness out of your glitter pens so that you can extend the life of your favorite brush pens.

Who makes Wink of Stella?

Kuretake UK Ltd.
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Product Dimensions 0.63 x 2.01 x 7.24 inches
Manufacturer Kuretake UK Ltd.
Item model number KUMS-55999GL-CLEAR
Customer Reviews 4.4 out of 5 stars 264 ratings 4.4 out of 5 stars

What is a wink of Stella brush?

The zig wink of Stella brushes have bristles to produce glistening lines to create artistic creativity with no mess. These are acid-free and odourless making them perfect for any crafter. Perfect for writing, adding controlled glitter and when used with stamped projects.

How do you store shimmer brushes?

I just used a permanent marker but you could also use a label maker (now I want to re-do mine!). It is important to store the Shimmer Brushes upright so they do not leak, or if they do your cleanup will be minimal.