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What does yellowish brown discharge mean?

What does yellowish brown discharge mean?

Brownish-yellow discharge is most common right after your period. The color comes from menstrual blood. If you have a short cycle, you may notice brownish-yellow discharge before your period, too. Women undergoing menopause might also notice brownish-yellow discharge as a result of hormonal changes.

Why do I have brown jelly like discharge?

Brown sticky discharge is basically cervical mucus with old blood mixed in with it. When blood is exposed to air (particularly over time), it will turn darker. Even a very small amount can make cervical mucus dark enough to notice on toilet paper or underwear. This kind of discharge often comes after a period.

What does it mean when your discharge is yellow and gooey?

Yellow discharge is often a sign of an infection. You should see a doctor if you have yellow discharge before your period, especially if: the discharge has a strong smell. the discharge is chunky or frothy.

What causes yellowish discharge?

The yellow is due to early menstrual blood mixed with regular mucus discharge. Thick yellow discharge can be an early sign of pregnancy. Vaginitis is another cause of yellow discharge. Vaginitis is an irritation or inflammation in the lining of your vagina.

Why am I having brown discharge but no period?

Brown discharge before a period is usually harmless, and there are many possible reasons for it. Sometimes, it can indicate pregnancy or perimenopause. Less commonly, it could be a sign of an underlying health condition. Brown discharge before a period is typically a vaginal discharge that contains blood.

What does stringy brown discharge mean?

Thick or stringy brown discharge that’s foul-smelling or itchy may be a symptom of an infection. Pain or a fever are also warning signs that you need to see a health care provider. Having a lot of brown discharge if you’ve never had any before can also be abnormal.

What does a jelly-like discharge mean?

Typically, clear, stretchy and jelly-like vaginal discharge that has the consistency of egg whites, means that you are making a lot of estrogen. This type of discharge often occurs in the middle between your cycles and is a sign of ovulating (your body is releasing an egg) and you are fertile (able to become pregnant).

How long does yellow discharge last?

This type of discharge may last for up to 14 days. It may be thick and sticky, but there will be less than there was during ovulation. Just before a period. Discharge may be white with a yellowish tinge.

Can a urinary tract infection cause yellow discharge?

The discharge is often yellowish green and thick when the gonococcal organism is involved and may be clear and thinner when other organisms are involved. In women, discharge is less common. Other disorders that cause pain during urination include bladder infection and vaginitis (inflammation of the vagina).

Does brown discharge mean my period is coming?

The brown discharge before your upcoming period may just be blood leftover from your last period. Blood that’s stayed in your uterus for a while turns a brownish color. It’s common for it to come out at the very end of your period.