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What engine does the Volkswagen Touareg R50 have?

What engine does the Volkswagen Touareg R50 have?

5.0 liter V10 TDI diesel engine
The Touareg R50 is powered by Volkswagen’s 5.0 liter V10 TDI diesel engine producing 258 kW / 350 hp (at 3500 rpm) with 850 Nm of torque (available at 2000 rpm). This is a 37 hp increase over the regular V10 TDI which results in a 6,7 seconds 0 – 100 km/h sprint and a top speed of 235 km/h.

Is there a V8 Touareg?

Packing the same punch as a super car, the new Touareg V8 takes its place as the most powerful Volkswagen SUV ever made. Delivering 310 kW of power and maximum torque from the 4.0-litre eight-cylinder engine. The Touareg V8 TDI showcases its performance when it accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h under 5 seconds.

Is VW Touareg a good car?

While the Volkswagen Touareg isn’t the sharpest car in its class, it’s still a great all-rounder. In fact, by sticking with a range of tried and tested V6 engines, it remains one of the strongest and most refined cars for sale.

Is Porsche Cayenne same as VW Touareg?

No. Porsche’s Cayenne and Volkswagen’s Touareg are brothers – built on the same platform with many shared parts. The firms forged closer ties with models such as the VW-Porsche 914 of 1969, but the jointly developed off-roaders take their relationship to another level.

How many miles can a Volkswagen Touareg last?

The V6 motor has been around in one variation or another since `92 or so and can be expected to last (with proper care) for 300,000 miles.

What does Touareg mean?

free folk
In 2003, Volkswagen launched its first ever SUV, the Touareg. ‘”Touareg” literally means “free folk” and is the name of a nomadic tribe from the Sahara,'” they wrote in a press release, explaining their decision to borrow the name of the nomadic North African ethnic group.

Is Touareg expensive to maintain?

Overall – the Volkswagen Touareg has yearly car maintenance costs total to $937 . Given that the Volkswagen Touareg has an average of $937 and that the average vehicle costs $651 annual — the Touareg is substantially cheaper to maintain.

Are Volkswagen Touareg expensive to maintain?

When did the Volkswagen Touareg R50 come out?

The Touareg R50 was launched at the 2007 Australian International Motor Show as the third Volkswagen “R” performance model after the Volkswagen Golf R32 and Passat R36 . Platinum Collection Build Your Own Bundle. Choose up to 7 games

What kind of car is the Volkswagen Touareg?

The 2008 Volkswagen Touareg R50 – abbreviated as VW Touareg – is an AWD performance SUV by Volkswagen featured in Forza Motorsport 3, Forza Motorsport 4, Forza Motorsport 7 and Forza Horizon 4.

Where is the Volkswagen Touareg made in Slovakia?

The Touareg and Porsche both seat five, while the Q7’s stretched wheelbase accommodates a third row for seven passengers. The Volkswagen Touareg is built at the Volkswagen Bratislava Plant in Bratislava, Slovakia, alongside the Audi Q7 and Porsche Cayenne.

What kind of engine does a Volkswagen R50 have?

The “R50” naming comes from the engine displacement: 5.0 L. The R50 was offered with a 5.0-litre V10 diesel engine that produces 257 kW (349 PS; 345 bhp) and 850 N⋅m (627 lbf⋅ft) of torque, pushing the car from 0 to 100 km/h (62.1 mph) in 6.7 seconds.