What episode do Leon and Violetta kiss in Season 2?

What episode do Leon and Violetta kiss in Season 2?

Episode 80
In Episode 80, Leon reveals to Violetta, during the show, how her song came to be and surprises her with Herman on the stage, ready to accompany her as she performs the song. They kiss after performing the final group song, This Can’t End.

Why did Leon and Violetta break up?

Things started to complicate between León and Violetta and they decided to break up. However, Violetta realized that she needed León and couldn’t live without him. She wanted to get back with him but she was afraid he didn’t want the same.

Are Violetta and Leon dating in real life?

Angie and Diego were actually dating in real life till 2018. Mercedes Lambre (Ludmila) and Xabiani Ponce De Leon (Marco) started dating in 2013, but broke up in 2015 because of the long-distance relationship.

Does Violetta end up with Tomas?

Tomas falls for Violetta despite Herman’s attempts to keep his daughter away from any boys. At the end of the first season, Tomas moved back to Spain permanently: which made him not appear for the second and third series….

Tomas Heredia
Last Episode A Final, a Song
Portrayed By Pablo Espinosa Lucien Dodge (English dub)

How old is Violetta’s girlfriend?

Her parents are originally from Ukraine and took her there to get to know her extended family, spending one year. As of 2021, Violetta Komyshan’s age is 25 years. She is a ballet dancer, social media influencer, and actress. Komyshan started dancing after moving to Brooklyn.

Does Diego actually like Violetta?

Diego had a crush on Violetta but as the latter was dating León, she only saw him as a friend. However, it is later revealed that Diego was never in love with Violetta and was actually conspiring with Ludmila to ruin Violetta and make her leave the Studio.

Who is Diego’s father?

Nico Márquez is the father of Diego, Daisy, & Alicia’s who first appeared on Season 3 of Dora the Explorer and a main character on Go, Diego, Go! He is also the uncle of Dora, Isabella, and Guillermo.

Who is Leon Vargas from the show Violetta?

Leon Vargas is the male protagonist in Disney Channel Latin America’s original show, Violetta. He is a handsome, talented and passionate guy. He is from Mexico and comes from a wealthy family. Leon attends On Beat Studio where he pursues his dream of music. He is a member of the boy band All For You with his friends.

How does Leon’s love for Violetta change him?

However, Leon’s love for Violetta changes him into a better person. He starts acting nicer to the other students in the studio (except for Tomas who is his rival for Violetta’s heart) and becomes friends with those he used to view as “uncool”.

Who is still in love with Tomas from Violetta?

However, Violetta is still in love with Tomas as well, so Leon is determined to show her that he is the one for her. Ludmila and Leon start the series as a couple. The two were in the cool crowd along with Naty and Andres.

Who are the Mexicans in the book Violetta?

Soon, Leon falls for Violetta so he fights with Tomas for her love. He was the first Mexican to appear in Violetta. The other two Mexicans in Violetta are Marco and DJ. In Spanish, his name is spelled León which means “lion”, which could be why Ludmila gave him that nickname.