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What episode of The Simpsons does Bart and Milhouse?

What episode of The Simpsons does Bart and Milhouse?

The couch tips over backwards, sending the Simpsons through the wall. “Bart’s Friend Falls in Love” is the twenty-third and penultimate episode of the third season of the American animated television series The Simpsons. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on May 7, 1992.

Is it Bart is it really Milhouse?

In an attempt to purposefully enrage his father, Bart once stated that he felt “a little attracted to Milhouse”, sending Homer into a rage. Bart and Milhouse appear to be the same height, but in the episode “Radioactive Man”, it is revealed that Milhouse is at least an inch taller than Bart.

Why did Bart sell his soul to Milhouse?

Episode no. In the episode, Bart scornfully dismisses the concept of the soul, and to show he is serious in his skepticism he agrees to sell his soul to Milhouse. However, after several strange events make him think he really has lost his soul, he desperately tries to regain it.

What is Bart Simpsons famous line?

Bart Simpson “¡Ay, caramba!” “Get Bent.” “I’m Bart Simpson, Who the Hell are You?” “I Didn’t Do It!” (often followed by “Nobody saw me do it.

Does Bart marry Milhouse?

Bart is divorced with two sons, Lisa is married to Milhouse and has a rebellious daughter she’s struggling to connect with, and Maggie, the lead singer for a famous band, is giving birth to her first child.

Does Lisa love Milhouse?

Although she dates Nelson later in her adulthood at the end of Season 27’s “Barthood,” “Holidays of Futures Passed” and its sequel, Season 25’s “Days of Future Future,” reveal that Lisa eventually married Milhouse and had a daughter, Zia. Milhouse is in love with Lisa, but never wholly concerned with her as a person.

What did Homer Simpson sell his soul for?

In a parody of The Devil and Daniel Webster, at work, Homer states that he would sell his soul for a donut after finding that Lenny and Carl took all the donuts and threw them at an old man (Grampa) “for kicks”. The devil, revealed to be Ned Flanders, appears and offers Homer a contract to seal the deal.

When Bart sold his soul?

October 8, 1995
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Does Bart say eat my shorts?

“Eat my shorts!” is one of Bart Simpson’s trademark catchphrases. Bart uses it to express his rebellious attitude, usually towards authority figures.