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What foods can I eat on a low residue diet?

What foods can I eat on a low residue diet?

Foods Allowed on a Low Residue Diet

  • refined grain products like white breads, cereals, and pastas (look for less than 2g of fibre per serving on label)
  • white rice.
  • juices without pulp or seeds.
  • meats, fish, and eggs.
  • oil, margarine, butter, mayonnaise, and salad dressings.

Can I eat scrambled eggs on a low residue diet?

Low Residue Diet Purpose of this diet: This diet decreases the amount of residue in the gastrointestinal tract….

Food Group Foods Allowed Foods to Avoid
Eggs Poached, soft cooked, hard boiled or scrambled eggs Fried eggs

Can I eat spaghetti sauce on a low residue diet?

Plain tomato sauce. Vegetable and fruit juices. Bananas, melons, applesauce and canned peaches (no skin) Butter, margarine, oils and salad dressings without seeds.

What Soup Can I eat on a low residue diet?


  • Clear broth based soups.
  • Chicken or turkey noodle.
  • Chicken with rice.

Can you eat salad on a low residue diet?

Fats such as butter/margarine, oils, mayonnaise, ketchup, sour cream, soy sauce, salad dressings, and many other sauces/condiments are entirely okay with a low-residue diet; Fruits: there are certain fruits you can eat, and others you should aim to avoid — the ones you can eat include bananas, cantaloupe, avocado, etc.

Can you drink coffee on a low residue diet?

Safe beverages include: Decaffeinated coffee, tea, and carbonated beverages (caffeine can upset your stomach) Milk. Juices made without seeds or pulp, like apple, no-pulp orange, and cranberry.

Can you eat mashed potatoes on a low-residue diet?

These vegetables are OK: Well-cooked fresh vegetables or canned vegetables without seeds, like asparagus tips, beets, green beans, carrots, mushrooms, spinach, squash (no seeds), and pumpkin. Cooked potatoes without skin. Tomato sauce (no seeds)

Can you eat salad on a low-residue diet?

Can you eat mashed potatoes on a low residue diet?

Can you have soup on a low residue diet?

While consuming a low-residue diet, limit dairy products (such as milk, yogurt, pudding, ice cream, and cream-based soups and sauces) to no more than 2 cups a day.

Are mashed potatoes low-residue?

Can you eat cheese on a low-residue diet?

You may be able to tolerate small amounts of dairy products, particularly cultured milk products such as yoghurt, buttermilk or cheese. Otherwise, limit your milk intake to no more than ½ cup at a time.

What foods are included on a low residue diet?

Beef soup with white-flour noodles

  • Pureed potatoes
  • Turkey steak
  • Cooked spinach
  • What is the best low residue diet?

    Examples of acceptable low-residue foods include refined grains (white bread, white rice, cereal devoid of whole grains), vegetable and fruit juices without pulp, soft meat and poultry products, fish, eggs, smooth dairy products, oils and other smooth fats, strained soups, syrup, and honey.

    How long should I try low residue diet?

    How long you need to follow a low-residue diet depends on the reason your doctor recommended it. Adhering to a low-fiber or low-residue diet for up to a week before a colonoscopy can make prep easier.

    Is chocolate permitted on a low residue diet?

    Yes, you can eat chocolate while following a low residue diet. However, you cannot have chocolates that contain nuts. Do I have to follow a low residue diet before a colonoscopy?