What happened DeDe McGuire?

What happened DeDe McGuire?

After co-hosting the nationally syndicated radio program “The Doug Banks Show”, DeDe now hosts her own nationally syndicated radio show, “DeDe in the Morning”, heard weekday mornings on 94.3 WYBC!

Who is DeDe McGuire married to?

Christopher Allen
Dede McGuire/Spouse

Where is DeDe in the morning from?

Dallas, Texas
We got you! From the world-famous K104 in Dallas, Texas, DeDe McGuire hosts DeDe In the Morning! Joined by Lady Jade, comedian JJ Williamson, and producer Gary Saunders with Geo Cook, Program Director and Brand Manager, K104, Service Broadcasting.

Who is on DeDe in the morning?

From the studios of the world famous K104 in Dallas, DeDe McGuire is the host; Lady Jade and Michael Shawn, serve as co-hosts. Gary Saunders serves as producer.

Is DeDe in the morning married?

Dede enjoys spending time with her husband Chris Allen and their latest family addition, Little Dak Prescott Allen.

Did Rudy Rush leave K104?

Comedian Rudy Rush and Claudia Jordan started a show at Service Broadcasting’s KRNB this past Sept. A few weeks ago Rush exited the show to rejoin DeDe McGuire (the two worked together on the late Doug Banks nationally syndicated show).

Is Dede in the morning married?

Is Dede Mcguire married?

What happened to Michael Shawn and Rudy Rush?

Comedian Michael Shawn exited the syndicated morning show DeDe in the Morning last week. It was during that time that comedian Rudy Rush was brought in as a replacement as his morning show with Claudia Jordan, The Morning Rush was being revamped on sister station Smooth R&B 105.7 KRNB-FM.

What happened to Michael Shawn DeDe in the morning?

Comedian Michael Shawn exited the syndicated morning show DeDe in the Morning last week. Shawn’s disease, alcoholism, is something that the comedian has been dealing with for quite awhile. His past battles with the disease caused him to miss significant time from the show in 2019.

Is Rudy Rush still with K104?

SERVICE BROADCASTING GROUP Urban KKDA (K104)/DALLAS is searching for new cast members to join DEDE IN THE MORNING and the SBG CONTENT FACTORY team. The company is looking to hire one or two people to replace MICHAEL SHAWN and RUDY RUSH who are no longer associated with the show or the company.

Was Michael Shawn fired from K104?

Service Broadcasting’s “K104” KKDA-FM Decatur/Dallas TX is seeking candidates to join the syndicated DeDe In The Morning. The new host will succeed comedian Michael Shawn, who departed the show last month. …