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What happened in chapter 3 of call it courage?

What happened in chapter 3 of call it courage?

Uri is nearby eating a crab that he has caught, and Kivi is there as well, asleep. Thankful to be alive and on solid land, Mafatu sits up. He discovers that his right leg is wounded from hitting the coral reef. Mafatu drinks from the pool, finally relieving his dehydration.

What did Mafatu find at the end of the path?

He found an idol and human bones. How does Mafatu save his faithful companion, Uri, from the shark? He sliced the underbelly of the shark and killed it.

Does Mafatu die at the end of call it courage?

It isn’t spelled out exactly what happens to Mafatu at the end of Call it Courage. On the whole, it’s more than likely that Mafatu survives. He collapses, not because he’s about to die but because he’s emotionally and physically drained by his epic voyage, as anyone would be in his position.

What did Mafatu and Uri eat for supper?

In this chapter, Mafatu eats three things. Later, after he finds the altar of the cannibals, Mafatu makes himself a fire and has cooked food. He uses the fire to cook the breadfruit and the bananas. He eats all of the bananas and shares the breadfruit with Uri, his dog.

What happened in chapter 4 of call it courage?

Mafatu finds the courage to jump in the water to attack the shark with his knife in a viscious fight to protect his dog Uri, who is in danger after being thrown from the raft. Mafatu emerges victorious, and from then on is able to use the sea creatures he catches in his trap for his own sustenance (Chapter 4).

What happened in Chapter 5 of call it courage?

Suddenly four of the men come out of the jungle towards Mafatu, going after the intruder on their island. Mafatu dashes back down the mountain, terrified, with the eaters-of-men close on his heels. They call out angrily in a language that Mafatu cannot understand as he races towards the beach.

Why did tavana Nui’s silence make Mafatu feel ashamed?

Expert Answers Tavana Nui is the Great Chief of the Hikueru, and Mafatu’s father. His silence shames Mafatu, because the boy knows that it signifies his disappointment in his cowardice. Mafatu knows that his father loves him and is understanding of his fear of the sea.

What did Mafatu tell Moana on his journey back home?

What does Mafatu tell Moana on his journey back to his home ? I want to honor you. I am not afraid of you anymore. I am not afraid of the sea.

What happens in chapter 2 of call it courage?

A new day begins as Mafatu’s canoe is carried across the ocean by its currents. He can no longer see his home island of Hikueru, and is surrounded by nothing but the sea and sky. Kivi the albatross flies off, leaving Mafatu feeling sad and with only Uri as company. The sea is turbulent and full of dangerous animals.

Why did Mafatu climb to the lookout everyday?

Why did Mafatu go to the lookout everyday? Since Mafatu saw that Uri had courage he bagan to have courage.

Why is Mafatu afraid of the sea?

Mafatu is afraid of the sea due to witnessing his mother die while he was a young child, which makes him a shame to his father, and referred to as a coward among his tribe. Mafatu takes a dugout canoe and sets sail into the ocean without knowing where he will end up. He is caught in a storm and the canoe is lost.

What happened in the first chapter of Call it courage?

On the Polynesian island of Hikueru, a tale is still told of the boy Mafatu, who is also known as the Boy Who Was Afraid. For the people of the islands, courage is one of the most important traits for a person to have. When he was three, Mafatu’s mother took him out in their canoe to look for sea urchin.