What happened in the 1880s in Australia?

What happened in the 1880s in Australia?

28 June – Ned Kelly captured at Glenrowan, Victoria. 1 October – The Melbourne International Exhibition is opened at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton. 10 October – Geologist Lamont Young and four others disappear on a boat trip north from Bermagui, New South Wales. 11 November – Bushranger Ned Kelly is hanged.

What was happening in Australia in 1983?

8 February – A severe dust storm sweeps through Melbourne and deposits an estimated 1,000 tonnes of topsoil on the city. 16 February – The Ash Wednesday bushfires in Victoria and South Australia claim the lives of 72 people and destroys over 2,000 homes in one of Australia’s worst ever fires.

What bad happened in 1982?

Major Events of 1982

  • Leonid Brezhnev dies.
  • Israel invades Lebanon.
  • Falkland Islands War.
  • Lebanese Phalange Massacre Palestinians at Sabre and Shatila.

Which particular Goldfields were the richest in Australia?

Clunes and Chewton Chewton had the richest goldfield in Australia for some years. Thousands of diggers lived and worked in the valley. Today, it is farming land. There are two signs of goldfield wealth in this postcard of Ballarat.

What was Australia called in 1851?

new Colony of Victoria
The new Colony of Victoria, named in honour of Queen Victoria, came into being on 1 July 1851, heralding a five day public holiday and joyous celebrations throughout the streets of Melbourne. The tyranny of Sydney was over! The new Colony of Victoria had much to celebrate.

What big events happened in 1983?

Strategic Defense Initiative: U.S. President Ronald Reagan makes his initial proposal to develop technology to intercept enemy missiles. The media dub this plan “Star Wars.” The U.S. Embassy is bombed in Beirut, killing 63 people. Sally Ride becomes the first American woman in space, on the Space Shuttle Challenger.

What was the most important event in 1982?

Jan 17 Czech tennis star Ivan Lendl scores a 6–7, 2–6, 7–6, 6–2, 6–4 win over American Vitas Gerulaitis to claim his first of 5 ATP Masters Grand Prix titles at Madison Square Garden, NYC Jan 19 Aust-WI one-day game that produced a Privy Council libel case Jan 19 Heater explodes at Star Elementary School, Oklahoma, kills 6 children & teacher

Who was the Prime Minister of Australia in 1982?

1982 in Australia; Monarchy: Elizabeth II: Governor-General: Sir Zelman Cowen, then Sir Ninian Stephen: Prime minister: Malcolm Fraser: Population: 15,184,247: Elections: VIC, TAS, SA ←

Who was killed on the Sydney Harbour Bridge in 1982?

2 February – Lindy Chamberlain is committed for trial for the murder of her daughter Azaria. 5 February – A Cessna 411A aircraft crashes into a building at Archerfield Airport. The pilot and four people within the building are killed. 20 March – Thousands of people walked across the Sydney Harbour Bridge to mark its 50th anniversary.

Who was the winner of the Australian Open tennis in 1982?

Jan 2 Australian Open Women’s Tennis: Martina Navratilova wins her 1st of 3 Australian singles crowns; beats Chris Evert -Lloyd 6-7, 6-4, 7-5 Jan 3 Australian Open Men’s Tennis: South African Johan Kriek wins first career Grand Slam title; beats American Steve Denton 6-2, 7-6, 6-7, 6-4