What happened Tauranga 1864?

What happened Tauranga 1864?

29 April 1864 The Battle of Gate Pā. The war in Tauranga quickly followed the end of war in the Waikato and invloved many Māori returning to the Bay of Plenty after fighting alongside Waikato. Gate Pā stood on a high hill and was attacked by the British Army in an attempt to dislodge Māori.

What was the outcome of the Tauranga war?

The campaign was a sequel to the invasion of Waikato, which aimed to crush the Māori King (Kingitanga) Movement that was viewed by the colonial government as a challenge to the supremacy of the British monarchy….Tauranga campaign.

Date 21 January 1864 to 21 June 1864
Location Bay of Plenty, New Zealand
Result British victory

Where did Māori win the battle of Gate Pa in 1860s?

Following his victory at Ōrākau, Cameron arrived in Tauranga with reinforcements on 21 April 1864. A week later he led 1700 men out of camp at Te Papa. Expectations of victory were high. The heaviest artillery bombardment of the war was unleashed on Gate Pā.

What happened at the Battle of Te Ranga?

More than 100 Māori warriors were killed, and 13 British soldiers died, at Te Ranga, which was the last major battle in the Waikato and Tauranga campaigns. On Saturday 21 June, a special service will be held at the site in Te Ranga (located 10km south of Tauranga), where the battle took place.

Who won the Gate Pa war?

British forces
British forces suffered a humiliating defeat in the Battle of Gate Pā (Pukehinahina) on 29 April 1864, with 31 killed and 80 wounded despite vastly outnumbering their Māori foe.

How long did the battle of Gate PĀ last?

British forces shelled the pā on 29 April but were repulsed with heavy losses, despite an overwhelming advantage in numbers (over 1,600 against about 200). Māori forces departed during the night, but two months later were overcome at a partly finished pā at Te Ranga, a short distance inland.

What was in the Treaty of Waitangi?

Treaty of Waitangi

The Waitangi Sheet of the Treaty of Waitangi
Context Treaty to establish a British Governor of New Zealand, consider Māori ownership of their lands and other properties, and give Māori the rights of British subjects.
Signed 6 February 1840

How many Māori were killed in the battle of Gate Pa?

15 Māori
The artillery bombardment was the heaviest of the New Zealand Wars, with huge Armstrong guns supported by howitzers. But Gate Pā withstood the barrage. Firing few shots, the defenders created the impression that the shelling had killed most of them. In fact, 15 Māori at most had been killed by the bombardment.

How many people died in the Gate Pa battle?

31 killed

How many Māori died in the Battle of Gate Pa?

What are the 3 principles of the Treaty of Waitangi?

The “3 Ps” – out with the old The “3 Ps” comprise the well-established Crown Treaty framework – the principles of partnership, participation and protection. They came out of the Royal Commission on Social Policy in 1986.