What happened to Amanda The Q?

What happened to Amanda The Q?

They were executed by the Q Continuum through a freak tornado accident when Amanda was a baby. Amanda was further raised by adoptive parents, two Starfleet marine biologists. As such, Amanda did not know about her true Q nature and lived a Human life.

Who played the girl in True Q?

Olivia d’Abo
Olivia d’Abo earned her place in Star Trek history – and in the hearts and minds of fans, too – with her portrayal of Amanda Rogers in the sixth-season TNG episode “True Q.” Amanda was the beautiful young woman who, during an internship on the Enterprise, discovered that she was actually a powerful Q.

Is TNG better than TOS?

1 TNG: CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT TNG had 7 seasons while TOS only had 3, but TNG arguably did more character development in its single season than almost all of TOS combined. Its characters were more flawed, more fallible, and less “iconic” to the point of little deviation from their central characterization.

What is wrong with Zach’s mom the Fosters?

Amanda Rogers is the mother of Zac Rogers. She debuts in Escapes and Reversals. She is shown to be very forgetful and confused, it was revealed to Mariana that she suffers from early-onset Alzheimer’s.

Where was Q during the Dominion War?

She was trapped in the Alpha Quadrant during the start of the Dominion War and helped coordinate the Dominion’s war efforts, ultimately leading to the destruction of hundreds of worlds and the death and suffering of hundreds of millions of people.

How old is Picard TNG?

Picard was 59 in TNG season 1, but Patrick Stewart was only 47, so why did Gene Roddenberry make Picard so much older than the actor portraying him? Stephen Macht was born in 1942, which would have made him 45 in 1987.

Is Carl Q Star Trek?

To clarify, Carl (as far as we know) is not the same race as Q. Q is part of a race probably called Q, made up of beings who all call each other Q. Carl is named Carl, not Q. So therefore he’s not a Q; he’s something else.

Who played Amanda The Q?

Olivia d’AboStar Trek: The Next Generation
Amanda Rogers/Played by

Who is better Captain Kirk or Picard?

Kirk is the cowboy adventurer Starfleet needed early on in its exploration of deep space and its relationship with the Federation. Picard is the diplomat Starfleet needed when they were a major player in interstellar politics. Though very different, neither is the better captain.