What happened to biancas baby?

What happened to biancas baby?

She becomes pregnant, but a prenatal scan shows her unborn child has spina bifida and hydrocephalus. Distraught, Bianca has an abortion, which strains her marriage.

How old is Natalie Evans?

The 44-year-old has appeared in a number of other television shows including Call the Midwife, Marcella, Doctors, Jamie Johnson and Silent Witness.

How is Bianca Jackson related to Ian Beale?

Bianca arrives with her family, mother Carol, Carol’s partner Alan, and her half-siblings Robbie, Sonia and Billie. She initially works at her uncle Ian Beale’s fish and chip shop, before becoming the market assistant of Sanjay Kapoor.

How old is Bianca EastEnders?

Patsy Palmer
Born Julie Anne Harris 26 May 1972 Bethnal Green, London, England
Occupation Actress DJ
Years active 1983–present
Television Grange Hill (1985–1987) EastEnders (1993–1999, 2008–2014, 2019) Strictly Come Dancing (2005)

Did Ricky and Bianca lose a baby?

But after she and Ricky reunited, it was Bianca who subsequently went on to cheat, first with Lenny Wallace and then later with her mum Carol’s then-boyfriend Dan Sullivan. An acclaimed plotline also saw Bianca and Ricky lose their baby daughter Natasha, who had been diagnosed wth spina bifida and hydrocephalus.

Did Bianca and Ricky get married?

Bianca strays with Lenny Wallace (Des Coleman), but immediately realises her mistake and marries Ricky on 17 April 1997.

Who was biancas best friend in Eastenders?

Natalie Price
Among them was Natalie Price, who made her first appearance in January 1994 as the best friend of Bianca (Patsy Palmer). The character was introduced under executive producer, Leonard Lewis.

Is Lucy Speed married?

Spencer Haylerm. 2009
Lucy Speed/Spouse
Personal life. Speed married model and actor Spencer Hayler on 12 September 2009, and gave birth to their daughter Kitty Bina Grace Hayler on 20 May 2012. They live in Fulham, west London.

Is David Wicks Bianca’s dad?

David Wicks is the son of Pat Harris and Pete Beale, brother of Ian and Simon and father of Bianca, Joe and Karen. He’s also the uncle of Steven, Lucy, Peter and Bobby.

Does Bianca and Ricky get married?

Ricky and Bianca’s on-off relationship resulted in the pair marrying on April 17, 1997 in a traditional white wedding ceremony witnessed by around 22 million viewers. Ricky and Bianca eventually married in April 1997 in a lavish white wedding, surrounded by friends and family.

Did Ricky and Bianca get married?

Furious, Bianca finishes with Ricky, cutting up all his clothes and, after Ricky rejects Natalie, she flees Walford. Bianca eventually forgives Ricky and they reunite. Bianca strays with Lenny Wallace (Des Coleman), but immediately realises her mistake and marries Ricky on 17 April 1997.

Who is Ricky butchers mum?

June Butcher
Ricky Butcher/Mother