What happened to Kim and Ron?

What happened to Kim and Ron?

Many fans that shipped Kim and Ron rejoiced when they did get together. But then Disney decided to do a fourth season for Kim Possible, so now they had to explore the relationship. And they didn’t know how to go about it at first. But in the end, they kept Kim and Ron as best friends, who just happened to be dating.

Does Ron stoppable have powers?

Ron has demonstrated an uncanny ability to actually converse with and understand several animals. Most often, this was seen in his interactions with Rufus, although it could be argued that Rufus was already, albeit unusually, communicative with others as well.

Who is the voice of Ron Stoppable?

Will FriedleKim Possible
Satoshi HinoKim PossibleHarrison FahnKim Possible: A Sitch in Time
Ron Stoppable/Voiced by

Is Ron stoppable rich?

Naco royalties make Ron a tremendously rich and wealthy multimillionaire with ninety-nine million dollars, which he then proceeds to squander on a posse of fake friends and spending binges.

Did Ron and Kim break up?

Oddly enough, Kim did end up accompanying Ron. She admitted it was not as bad as she had feared, but did not care for Ron referring to her as his “date”.

Who is Kim Possible’s boyfriend?

Ron Stoppable
Ron Stoppable: Originally Kim’s goofy best friend and sidekick, over time, their friendship became something more and they are now a couple.

Who voiced shego in Kim Possible?

Nicole SullivanKim Possible
Shego/Voiced by

Nicole Sullivan — Shego After Kim Possible, Sullivan picked up credits for Superhero Movie (2008), Black Dynamite (2009), 17 Again (2009), Rita Rocks, The Penguins of Madagascar, and Family Guy.

Does Kim Possible marry Ron?

Kim and Ron complement each other and their relationship works well; as they headed into Season 4 and their senior year of high school, they had advanced from best friends to boyfriend and girlfriend. At the end of Season 4, they are still together and have each successfully graduated from high school.

Does Ron keep his monkey powers?

On the day of Kim and Ron’s graduation, when Warhok and Warmonga attacked Earth with the intention of invading it, Ron saves the day by summoning his most powerful manifestation of Mystical Monkey Power yet.

Why is Ron Stoppable obsessed with Kim Possible?

Ron has repeatedly shown a tendency to become obsessed with various ideas and/or concepts, especially if they were either connected to what he saw as a personal flaw in himself, or if they somehow corrected the aforementioned flaw in his eyes.

What did Adrena Lynn do on Kim Possible?

Adrena Lynn was a TV teen action star who specialized in “extreme” death-defying stunts. In reality, she faked all of her stunts, and was exposed by Kim and Ron when Kim tried to save Lynn from a failed bungee jump stunt only to discover Lynn didn’t in fact perform the stunt herself, instead using a stuffed stunt-double dummy.

How did Drakken turn into a bad boy in Kim Possible?

Drakken meanwhile attempts to use a Hench Co. device to make himself even more evil. The plan fails when Kim and Ron break the machine, gradually turning Ron into an eccentric super villain and Drakken into a goody-baking sweetie. Wade

Why did Ron and Kim go on a date?

When Ron wants to avoid his devilishly warped Cousin Shaun at a wedding, Kim subtly suggests that Ron take her as a friendly date. Both of them find the idea ‘awkweird’ and back down. Drakken meanwhile attempts to use a Hench Co. device to make himself even more evil.