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What happened to Oxtar boots?

What happened to Oxtar boots?

Calabasas Hills, Calif. —Today marks the unveiling of a new brand identity and brand name—TCX®—for products already well established in the motorcycling community under the Oxtar name.

Are TCX boots any good?

TCX makes some of the most comfortable boots I’ve ever worn – and not just in motorcycling; I’ve walked 10 miles in the TCX X-Blends without any problems. A sportsbike boot needs to be very supportive, and it also needs a thin sole to give you the best feel through the pegs.

Is TCX Italian?

TCX Boots is a premium Italian motorcycle boot manufacturer with a strong focus on performance and quality.

Where are Oxtar boots made?

Oxtar boots are (were) made by Jolly Scarpe S.p.a., whose headquarters are in Montebelluna, Italy. Jolly Scarpe was founded in 1982, and they manufacture boots and shoes for mountain climbing, military, fire fighting and police use.

Are TCX boots true to size?

DOES ALL TCX FOOTWEAR OFFER THE SAME FIT? Generally, yes, even though the conversion of sizes is indicative, since every TCX model is developed according to specific parameters and usage requirements, using fitting lasts and materials designed specifically to provide outstanding comfort.

What is the best brand of motorcycle boots?

Practical Motorcycle Boots

  • Harley-Davidson Scout.
  • Frye Men’s Smith Engineer Boot.
  • Alpinestars Supertech-R Boots.
  • Gaerne All Terrain GTX Boots.
  • Milwaukee Leather Classic Harness Square Toe Boot.
  • Dr.
  • Harley-Davidson Dendon Boot.
  • Wolverine Men’s Floorhand Waterproof 6 inch Work Boot.

What does TCX stand for?


Acronym Definition
TCX Transform Coded Excitation (speech coding)
TCX Transparently Compressed Executables
TCX The Cycle Xchange (custom motorcycles)
TCX Twin Cities Experience (Campus Crusade for Christ)

Where are TCX shoes made?

Outside of a small subsidiary that produces footwear for military and emergency personnel, TCX is a motorcycle specific brand that stays true to its tagline: “Focus on Boots.” The brand is based in Montebelluna, Italy, and all its products are made at company-owned factories throughout Europe.

Do motorcycle boots come up small?

The very first thing to know is that your motorcycle boot should fit snugly to your foot without your foot being able to breathe. When it comes to the size of motorcycle boots, many of you may think that in the beginning you have to choose a size a little larger than our usual shoes that are used in the city.

Why do bikers wear cowboy boots?

Some riders may wonder if they can wear their cowboy boots while riding their motorcycle. After all, cowboy boots are designed to be used in different and very demanding conditions. Mostly to allow people to easily transition from working, walking and riding.

What’s the difference between TPX and TCX?

*In the latest versions of the PANTONE FASHION + HOME product line, the paper edition product carries a suffix of TPX = textile paper edition, extended range. ** The cotton editions carry a suffix of TCX = textile, cotton edition, extended range. This is to differentiate the newest product from older editions.