What happened to Siobhan In Love Hate?

What happened to Siobhan In Love Hate?

She was introduced as Nidge’s niece when she was just 17 but went on to become a key player in the events of the following seasons. In season three, viewers were shocked when Siobhan was raped by the IRA leader Git outside the club.

Does Tommy recover in love hate?

Most of this season for Tommy is spent with Siobhan as he is still recovering from his injuries, but agrees to do a job for Nidge as there is cash in store, and is led into a tiger kidnapping with Fran and another gang member.

What happens Tommy in love hate?

He suffers various fractures, including one to his skull, and is left with slight brain damage due to bleeding. Nidge tells everyone Tommy was found in the street like that after being jumped by Nigerians.

Does Tommy wake up in love hate?

Tommy doesn’t wake from his coma, though he was never the most expressive character so it doesn’t really make much difference. And Fran, with his gap-toothed grin and little-Lord Fauntleroy hair, is anticlimactically rearrested before he gets to Nidge. Nidge, the main protagonist since then, was mainly about “Hate”.

Who killed Janet in love hate?

Brothel boss Janet was also murdered on the orders of Terence “Big Balls” and Nidge’s arch enemy suffered a barbaric prison rape when he was attacked by snooker cue wielding Noely Hughes. One show fan tweeted: “Can’t believe they killed Nidge Oh My God – Bawling.”

Who killed Darren Love Hate?

Nidge decides he will have to confront the situation,and goes to Dundalk to meet with Tony and arrange a deal, which involves betraying one of his own. In the closing moments, Darren is shot and killed by Lizzie, whose brother he killed whilst saving Nidge.

Will there be a series 6 of Love Hate?

RTÉ have confirmed that there will be a sixth series of Love/Hate, but that it will not appear in 2015. The fifth series of the show ended last Sunday night with the deaths of two major characters, and writer Stuart Carolan will now start to develop yet another run of the Dublin gangster drama.

Who killed Robbie Love Hate?

Hughie returns to Martin’s caravan and kills him in a frenzied attack in which he thinks Martin talked to somebody. Hughie admits to John Boy – who is his half brother – that he killed Robbie over €300 he was owed.

Why did Tommy get beaten up in love hate?

Nidge is chasing his tail, trying to convince Dano that he had nothing to do with his father’s death, and Tommy gets caught in the crossfire when he admits sleeping with Dano’s wife Georgina. Nidge had designs on her himself, so he beats Tommy to a pulp.

Will there be a 6th Season of Love Hate?

Who shot Darren Love Hate?

In the closing moments, Darren is shot and killed by Lizzie, whose brother he killed whilst saving Nidge.

What was Love/Hate last episode?

Episode 6
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