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What happened with Jaclyn Hill and Morphe?

What happened with Jaclyn Hill and Morphe?

Jaclyn Hill has insisted she was completely in the dark about Morphe changing the formula of her Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Volume I and Volume II palette after the brand confirmed that it had been altered following backlash. Morphe has their standard formulas and I created my own formula,” she said.

Is the Jaclyn Hill Morphe palette worth it?

Overall, I have to say that I love The Jaclyn Hill Palette. It is by far one of the best eyeshadow palettes that I own. It has all the shades that I can use for an everyday look as well as some brighter, fun shades for something different.

Is Morphe eyeshadow any good?

The colors are highly pigmented and so like, creamy! They’re easy to blend and so beautiful. This palette will be great for aspiring/freelance MUAs as it’s high quality without the heavy price tag. Appear pigmented and then look very sheer once applied.

How long does the Jaclyn Hill palette last?

Though the shelf-life of an unopened eyeshadow palette is longer than one that’s been used, it is still recommended that unopened colour cosmetics be thrown out after 2 years. So if this is the case, then Jaclyn’s palette is about half a year shy of potentially being expired.

What was wrong with Jaclyn’s lipsticks?

The majority of complaints were regarding strange fuzzy white hairs protruding from the lipsticks (via Teen Vogue), while others noticed air bubbles, holes, and even more disturbing, fragments of plastic and metal. Two weeks after the launch, Jaclyn Hill uploaded her first apology video of sorts (via YouTube).

Who owns Morphe?

Forma Brands LLC
Morphe LLC/Parent organizations

Is Morphe a high end brand?

Morphe isn’t a classified drugstore brand; however it is a cheap, yet high quality and pigmented brand. They make collaborations with other rising artists—for example, Jaclyn Hill X Morphe and James Charles X Morphe. Both are affordable and pigmented.

Is Morphe a good brand?

Morphe. The brand has the best makeup brushes for the best value, along with concealers, lip colors, and the legendary Morphe eye shadow palettes — the most famous of which were created in collaboration with YouTuber Jaclyn Hill. You get crazy mileage out of these palettes and they’re well worth the investment.

Why is Morphe a bad brand?

Morphe comes across as a really dodgy brand that really doesn’t care about the quality of their products as long as they can make a quick buck. They use influencers to raise the prices significantly to obviously pay the beauty guru a nice sum but the quality either remains the same or gets worse.

How many eyeshadow palettes does the average woman have?

Women invest more in eye shadow than in any other form of makeup. On the average, American women have 12 shadows but use only five frequently. The most common is powder, but sticks and pencils also are counted in the dozen.

What happened with Jaclyn Hill?

Jaclyn Hill took to Twitter on July 12th to speak about her experience where two men allegedly kidnaped her on the night of July 11th. The YouTuber stated that the men tried to physically pull her into a car while she was alone outside.

Is Jeffree Star CEO of Morphe?

Jeffree Star does not own Morphe Cosmetics. Though Star owns multiple businesses, including Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Morphe Cosmetics is now owned by majority shareholder, General Atlantic. Though Star is not an owner, he is a large part of Morphe’s history as a cosmetics company and one of their biggest spokespeople.