What happens at the end of House on Haunted Hill?

What happens at the end of House on Haunted Hill?

Hugh stops her, smuggling his kids to safety and kickstarting the modern day storyline of Hill House, and Olivia kills herself in the house, hoping to finally wake up.

Why did Nell haunt herself?

Standing on the ledge of the tall staircase, Nell is pushed by her mother’s ghost, causing her to fall through time as a broken necked woman (THE BENT-NECK LADY), seeing herself from the opposite perspective as a child, during her husband’s death, and when she bought drugs for Luke.

What did Theo see when she touched the couch?

She touches a couch, feeling a sense of something dark. She lies on it and falls deeper into whatever memories it holds. Whatever it is disturbs Theo. Down in the funeral home morgue, Theo goes to see Nell’s corpse.

Does Hugh really see Olivia?

Trivia. Hugh was aware of the supernatural happenings at Hill House, but lied to his children. Hugh began seeing Olivia Crain shortly after his death. It is made clear, however, that this was not her ghost — which was trapped at Hill House — but an extension of his imagination.

What did Poppy whisper to Olivia?

If Poppy is just a ghost, it’s at this moment where the seeds of Olivia’s downfall are planted. Promising to know how to rescue her children from the ‘screaming meemies’ of their worst nightmare, Poppy leans in and whispers something into Olivia’s ear. “It was a dressing room for me. Then a nursery.”

Did Nell know she was the bent neck lady?

When Nell dies she’s consumed by the mansion and trapped – the ghost of Nell flashes through her key moments making her realise that she’s the bent-neck lady and always had been. The bent-neck was a clue as to how she would meet her end, hanging from the staircase.

Why did the Dudleys hide Abigail?

Abigail Dudley is the Hill House caretakers’ daughter who isn’t allowed to leave her home. To protect her from the evils of Hill House, her parents keep her locked inside their home on the edge of the property and don’t let her step foot near the Hill House.

Does Theo sleep with Shirley’s husband?

The pair have sex, mostly offscreen, before Theodora makes an excuse to shoo her newfound paramour away. I expected that to be the end of that, but Trish (Levy Tran) makes an appearance in four of the show’s ten episodes, and the pair get a happy ending in the finale.

What was wrong with Olivia in Hill House?

At the very moment, Hugh arrives, and he sees what Olivia did to the caretakers’ daughter, and what she was about to do to their own kids. Hugh takes away the kids from the house. In the meantime, Olivia is coaxed by the Hill House to take her own life. She jumps from the balcony and commits suicide.