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What happens if the Grey Wardens join the Inquisition?

What happens if the Grey Wardens join the Inquisition?

If the Wardens join the Inquisition: The Grey Wardens will remain and rebuild their order, joining the forces at Skyhold. The series of war table operations beginning with Protect Val Gamord from Darkspawn becomes available.

Is Hawke supposed to die?

I actually sacrificed Hawke, and I don’t really regret it. It saved Alistair, thus allowing the Wardens to rebuild under the guidance of an experienced man. Plus, I sort of thougt it made sense, Hawke’s story was over, and his sacrifice allowed him to attone for freeing Corypheus.

What happens to Hawke in Dragon Age Inquisition?

Dragon Age: Inquisition. The Champion of Kirkwall tarot card If Hawke sided with the Templars: They eventually turned on Hawke, forcing them to step down as Viscount. Hawke left Kirkwall to try and find out more.

Will the Hero of Ferelden ever return?

The protagonist of Dragon Age: Origins, known as the Hero of Ferelden, is officially retired and will not return in any upcoming title. Since some game states include a deceased Hero of Ferelden and others do not, it is difficult to have the character reappear when some saves include the character’s death.

Is Hawke a bad guy?

Type of Villain Hawke is a Black Hole CO serving as Sturm’s second-in-command and a recurring antagonist in the Advance Wars series. He is the secondary antagonist of Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising and a supporting antagonist in Advance Wars: Dual Strike.

Does Solas always take your arm?

SOLAS DOES NOT REMOVE THE INQUISITOR’S ARM AT THE END OF TRESPASSER. When the Inquisitor confronts Solas, the anchor is spreading and acting out of control to the point where it’s hurting the people around them and killing the Inquisitor.

Is it good for Hawke and Stroud to be together?

It also looks good to have a Warden clean up the Warden’s mess. Best result is saving Hawke and not Banishing the Wardens. It’s too bad there isn’t a choice to leave them both behind (as well as any companions you aren’t fond of) and save your own butt.

Who is better to replace Stroud Hawke or Loghain?

Hawk has the strength to resist Corypheus corruption, he along with Blackwall should stay and lead the Wardens back to light. Just not as romantic as letting Hawk sacrifice himself, lol. Stroud can actually be replaced by either Loghain or Alistar depending on which choices you have. Hawke or Stroud is an easy choice but Hawke or Alistar?

Which is better, Stroud or Hawke in Dragon Age?

If the choice is between Stroud and Hawke, that’s easy. No one cares about Stroud. Its only a hard choice between Alistair/Loghain and Hawke. Yes, it’s Alistair if he’s still a Grey Warden. If you let Loghain live through DAO, it will be him instead.

Why did Jean Marc Stroud leave Lowtown Hawke?

In Lowtown Hawke stumbles upon Stroud, along with two other Wardens (and possibly Bethany or Carver) fighting a group of Qunari. After the battle, Stroud announces that he cannot stay to help because he must return to his mission, and that Grey Wardens cannot get involved in political struggles regardless.