What happens if you have two emergencies in SuperCoach?

What happens if you have two emergencies in SuperCoach?

Q: If I have two emergencies selected in the same position who both score, which score is added to my team to replace a non-playing player? A: The lowest scoring emergency is always used. Please note, emergencies that score greater than 0 are only used to replace the score of a non-playing player in your team.

What is the highest AFL fantasy score?

Jason Dunstall recorded the highest AFL Fantasy score of all-time. 25 kicks, 4 handballs, 18 marks, 17 goals, 5 behinds, 5 frees for, 2 frees against to score 243 points.

What is the highest SuperCoach score ever?

The highest score was during round 7 in 2006, where Jonathan Brown scored 262 against Hawthorn. He finished with 18 kicks, 7 handballs, 16 marks, 8 goals, 4 behinds, 1 tackle and 1 free kick for.

What is the SuperCoach scoring system?

Points can be awarded or deducted based on the real life performances of the 17 players selected for each NRL round. Selected team captains are awarded double points for their performance. If any of the 17 selected players are unable to play in real life, an emergency player is automatically allocated.

Do subs count in supercoach?

Each round, participants choose 13 players in their starting lineup and 4 players from their remaining 12 ‘substitutes’, whose contribution to a participant’s SuperCoach NRL score is based on the player’s real-life performance in that NRL round.

Can you reverse trades in Supercoach AFL?

Reversing trades is relatively simple, in that all you need to do is click on the reverse trades button any time prior to the first lockout period of the week and your team will revert to the side you finished the previous weekend with as your starters, captain, vice captain, reserves and bench.

What is the most disposals in an AFL game?

Season and Game Records (1965-2021)

Most Disposals In A Season
Player TM #
Tom Mitchell HW 848
Matt Crouch AD 825
Dane Swan CW 820

Is AFL fantasy free?

Adjust and improve your Team each week by trading Players in and out, as long as the other Users in your League agree to your Trades. You can also pick up Restricted and Unrestricted Free Agents throughout the course of your League’s season. By the way, AFL Fantasy Draft is free to play!

How many SuperCoach teams are there?

The private league competition begins at the start of round 2 for private leagues with 10 SuperCoach Teams and round 3 for private leagues with 18 SuperCoach Teams.

How much is a goal worth in supercoach?

3.6. In an 18 SuperCoach-team private league, each team in that private league will “play” every other team in that league once during the private league competition period….

Stat Awarded/Deducted
Hardball get 4.5 Points
Loose-ball get 4.5 Points
Goal 8 Points
Behind 1 Point

What is a nuff in supercoach?

A more jaded definition of the word nuff is someone who is neither a gun, a cow, a zero or a mid-priced speculator, and so largely irrelevant to supercoach selection. An example of this would be most of the Titans forward pack, for instance, or anyone in the Tigers backline not nicknamed ‘Teddy’.

What does break even mean in supercoach?

In simple terms, the breakeven is the number that determines how a player’s value fluctuates. It is the approximate score that the player has to reach for his price not to fall, or rise in value. They must play a minimum of three games, and each breakeven is determined on a three-round rolling average.

How many points does a supercoach player get?

Track your favourite Supercoach Players! Create and save your own custom list of players! * Values are points scored per $100,000 salary.

Who is the highest scoring AFL SuperCoach of all time?

It won’t come as any shock to seasoned KFC SuperCoaches to see Gary Ablett holds the record for the highest score of all-time, though. The little master has been the dominant player in Australia’s favourite fantasy game throughout his career, amassing four of the top-20 scores recorded.

Who are the best Ruckers In SuperCoach scoring?

Since SuperCoach changed their points system for RUC scoring a couple of years ago to better reflect their craft, we have seen the dominance of the G&G Rucking Factory; Gawn, because he’s the best in the business and Grundy because he gets so many possessions as well as his HOAs.

What’s the highest score for a KFC Supercoach?

However, the one monster performance of each of their careers puts them in illustrious company. These are the top-20 scores in KFC SuperCoach history, including four Ablett masterclasses. Gary Ablett amassed the highest KFC SuperCoach score recorded against Sydney in 2008.