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What happens if you use 250K pots with humbuckers?

What happens if you use 250K pots with humbuckers?

Lower resistance pots, like 250K, will dampen more high frequencies off of your signal than a 500K pot will. Traditional Humbuckers can sound dark and muddy through a 250K pot, and Single Coil Strat or Tele Pickups can sound shrill and “crispy” through a 500K pot.

What pots to use in guitar?

Some guitar wiring circuit designs use 300k or even 1 Meg pots. Here’s what you need to know about choosing the right [pots for your guitar. Generally speaking, to control volume, humbuckers should be paired to 500k pots, while single-coil pickups should be paired with 250k pots.

How much do pots affect guitar tone?

Guitar pots influence the level of how bright and dark your guitar sounds not affecting core sound. Low-value Pots (250K) sound warmer due to less resistance in the signal. In contrast, high-value pots (500K) sound brighter as they include stronger resistors that retain higher frequencies.

Are alpha pots any good?

Alpha Pots: they’re everywhere and in everything. They have a great dampened feel, are fairly well made and are cheap. But I have spent some time cleaning these things up and/or replacing them. The inexpensive Bournes seem to be no better in this area.

What do 500K pots do?

Pots with higher resistance — like 500K compared to 250K — prevent higher frequencies from bleeding through to ground more than lower ohm pots. This means a 500K pot provides a brighter overall tone than a 250K pot. Higher ohms also give you a cleaner and punchier sound on the bass strings.

Why do active pickups need 25K pots?

25K pots are for controlling the volume or tone of active pickups, or for use after the preamp of a piezo-saddle transducer bridge.

Are CTS pots better than Alpha?

I’ve used Alpha pots and they didn’t suck the tone out of my pickups. CTS may last longer or be more sturdy, but as far as I can tell they don’t sound any better than Alphas.

Are CTS pots better?

Both are good quality pots. The only difference I’ve found is that Alpha’s require lower torque to turn, which is why I prefer CTS pots myself, they just feel better to me. But if you need specialty pots like push-pulls, stereo pots etc. you usually have to go Alpha as CTS doesn’t seem to make those.