What happens in chapter 14 of Never Let Me Go?

What happens in chapter 14 of Never Let Me Go?

Summary: Chapter 14 In the store, Kathy overhears Ruth and Chrissie discussing deferrals again. Ruth continues to imply that Hailsham students have special access to deferrals, and gets angry when she notices Kathy listening in. When a few of the people in the office look over, the students quickly move away.

Who is Ruth’s possible?

Rodney points out Ruth’s possible. She’s a fifty-something lady who is talking with a coworker. As she laughs, Kathy realizes that there was “more than a hint of Ruth about” her (14.22).

Did Ruth cheat on Tommy in Never Let Me Go?

With Tommy still listening, Ruth admits to Kathy in the car that she “lied” to Kathy about her “urges,” and that Ruth also experienced strong sexual desires, causing her to cheat on Tommy “at least three times” at the Cottages.

What are the possibles in Never Let Me Go?

Summary: Chapter 12 Kathy pauses the story to explain the “possibles theory” that circulated among students. Since they are clones, the students assume that each of them has a model living in the outside world. A “possible” is someone who looks like a possible model for one of the students.

What does Ruth not confess to Kathy and Tommy?

Tommy says that he might submit his animals to the Gallery, but Ruth tells him not to embarrass himself. Ruth adds that she and Kathy both find his animals funny. Kathy does not deny this claim and walks away, though she almost immediately regrets this and her decision not to explain herself to Tommy.

What do Ruth Kathy and Tommy drive out to see?

Kathy spends hours driving to see her donors at hospitals and recovery centers. One day, she runs into her Hailsham classmate Laura at a car service station. Laura is also a carer, and seems completely worn down.

Why does Miss Lucy leave Hailsham?

Unlike the other guardians at Hailsham, she feels it is better that the students are fully aware of what their futures will be like and she sees no point in trying to hide the truth behind less obvious words. Her straight talking gets her into trouble and she later abruptly leaves Hailsham.

Why does Ruth pretends to forget things about Hailsham?

Ruth begins to pretend that she can’t remember things about Hailsham—even though Kathy knows that Ruth shares her associations about the guardians and parts of the campus—perhaps because Ruth now considers those memories “immature.” One day, when Kathy and Ruth are discussing one of Kathy’s brief romantic flings, Ruth …

Why doesn’t Tommy want Kathy to be his carer at the end of his life?

But then Tommy drops a bomb on her: he wants her to stop being his carer before he goes for the fourth donation. According to Tommy, Ruth would understand because she was a donor. Kathy, in contrast, isn’t a donor yet, so she just can’t understand.

Why was Miss Lucy so angry?

When they were alone, Miss Lucy told him that he was not to blame for his lack of creativity. She also told him that it was wrong for the guardians or other students to pressure him about being creative. Miss Lucy shook with anger while she spoke, but her anger did not seem to be directed at Tommy.

What does Miss Lucy tell the students?

Miss Lucy. Miss Lucy is a guardian at Hailsham school. Unlike the other guardians, she feels the students should not be protected from their future lives but should be told in a straightforward manner what the future has in store for them.

What is the message in Never Let Me Go?

The phrase “never let me go” is somewhere between a plea and a demand, reflecting a deeply human need to hold onto, and be held by, loved ones. Kathy’s memories are her way of holding onto everyone and everything she has lost.