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What is a BTSA program?

What is a BTSA program?

The Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment (BTSA) Program is the preferred pathway to a California Clear Teaching Credential. Created by SB 2042, the program is designed to provide support to new teachers as they progress toward their Clear credential.

Is Btsa required?

Today, districts no longer are required to operate BTSA programs, but teachers with a five-year preliminary credential must still complete an induction or clear credential program to earn a clear credential.

What is Btsa called now?

teacher induction
With the advent of new funding mechanisms, the end of categorical funds for teacher induction, and new induction program standards, BTSA has been replaced and is now known as Teacher Induction. The Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) along with many stakeholders invested many hours to rewrite induction standards.

What is an induction program for teachers?

Induction programs are comprehensive initiations or introductions to a position that provide inexperienced teachers with the necessary models and tools for beginning their teaching careers, as well as specific guidance aimed at helping them meet performance standards.

How many units is Btsa?

You may register for this Graduate-Level Professional Development Units/Credits each year you are in Teacher Induction – receiving 8 units each year!

How long is an induction program?

How long is the Teacher Induction Program? The program is four semesters long and is designed to be completed over a two-year period. Students that meet certain requirements may be able to apply for the Early Completion Option to complete the program in one year.

What is the difference between a preliminary and clear credential?

A preliminary credential is the first document issued after an individual meets basic credential requirements. The preliminary credential is issued for a maximum of five years. A clear credential is issued when all credential requirements have been completed.

What is California Teacher Induction?

Teacher Induction in California. Preliminary programs prepare candidates to obtain an initial teaching credential through successful completion of required coursework, fieldwork, and a performance demonstration of their knowledge, skills, and abilities.

How many credits is Btsa?

Up to 12 credits from BTSA or General Education Induction may be applied to the Master of Arts in Education, Teaching, and Learning. This program is for educational professionals seeking to become transformational leaders and innovative teachers.

How many units is the induction program?

The program is four semesters long (though there is an Early Completion Option for select candidates) and includes four courses for a total of nine graduate-course units.

What happens in induction training?

In human resource development, induction training is a form of introduction for new employees in order to enable them to do their work in a new profession or job role within an organisation. Training can be systematic or unsystematic training. Induction training is systematic training.