What is a coat of arms in simple terms?

What is a coat of arms in simple terms?

1 : a tabard or surcoat embroidered with armorial bearings. 2a : heraldic bearings (as of a person) usually depicted on an escutcheon often with accompanying adjuncts (such as a crest, motto, and supporters) b : a similar symbolic emblem.

What does Dominica motto mean?

after God, the earth
The Motto is Apres Bondie C’est La Ter and it means “after God, the earth” which shows the significance of soil and agriculture in Dominica.

What do the symbols on the coat of arms represent?

The symbols on the coat of arms include: the African fish eagle, Pick and hoe, shield, Victoria Falls, Man and Woman, Maize Cob, Mine Shaft-Head, and Zebra and National Motto (One Zambia, One Nation). This represents the country’s economic backbone. The man and woman symbolises the Zambian family.

What does the flag of Dominica represent?

The yellow, black and white stripes form a triple coloured cross representing the Trinity of God. The cross itself demonstrates belief in God since the Commonwealth of Dominica is founded upon the principles that acknowledge the supremacy of God.

What’s the difference between a coat of arms and a family crest?

Although some people refer to a “family crest” and a “coat of arms” interchangeably, there is a difference. A crest is an element or part of a coat of arms, but not the entire arms. On a coat of arms, the crest is found above the shield, usually on top of a helmet.

What is the importance of coat of arms?

coat of arms, the principal part of a system of hereditary symbols dating back to early medieval Europe, used primarily to establish identity in battle. Arms evolved to denote family descent, adoption, alliance, property ownership, and, eventually, profession.

What is the flower of Dominica?

Sabinea carinalis
The flower honoured as our National Flower is a wild xerophitic plant known botanically as Sabinea carinalis, commonly known as Carib Wood or ‘Bwa Kwaib’. It was legislated as the National Flower, along with the Coat of Arms and National Flag in 1978. (The National Emblems of Dominica Act, 1978) (Act No. 18 of 1978).

What is Dominica national animal?

Sisserou parrots
The Sisserou Parrot (Amazona imperialis) is a shy but very attractive native of the tropical forest of the Commonwealth of Dominica. Sisserou parrots have lived on the island for several hundred thousand years and can live to be very old (over 70 years), in captivity, some have outlived their captors.

Why is the coat of arms important?

A national coat of arms is a symbol which denotes an independent state in the form of a heraldic achievement. An important use for national coats of arms is as the main symbol on the covers of passports, the document used internationally to prove the citizenship of a person.

What are the elements of a coat of arms?

It was based on the armor and gear worn by a knight and could include: a shield, a helmet, a mantle, a wreath, and a crest. In some cases (particularly for royal and noble heraldic achievements) two supporters, a compartment, and a motto were also included in the full armorial achievement.

What are people from Dominica called?

The indigenous people are called Caribs, while other people from Dominica are called Dominicans. It is spelled the same as it would be for someone from the Dominican Republic, but it is pronounced differently.