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What is a direct fired water heater?

What is a direct fired water heater?

Direct fired units such as Dorchester water heaters for hot water generation have an integral gas or oil burner that directly heats the water in its storage cylinder by supplying hot gases through one or more of its heat exchanger fire tubes within the cylinder which then transfers heat to the surrounding water.

How long does a direct vent water heater last?

about eight to 12 years
How Long Do Water Heaters Last? Based on the manufacturer’s suggested service life, the life expectancy of a water heater is about eight to 12 years. That varies with the location and design of the unit, quality of installation, maintenance schedule and water quality.

How do you get hot water without a boiler?

Heating water without a boiler If you have a hot water tank or cylinder in your home, you may also have an electric immersion heater. This can be used to heat water as and when you need it, but beware that this is an expensive method.

Are direct vent water heaters more efficient?

Another benefit offered by a powervent water heater is lower energy consumption. They’re more efficient, so they use less fuel… but not a lot less. Because they don’t use a vent that runs up through the middle of the house, powervent water heaters give a lot more flexibility when it comes to locating the unit.

Is an indirect water heater worth it?

Indirect water heaters are a more efficient choice for most homes, even though they require a storage tank. An indirect water heater, if used with a high-efficiency boiler and well-insulated tank, can be the least expensive means of providing hot water, particularly if the heat source boiler is set to “cold start.”

What is the difference between direct fired and indirect fired gas heaters?

Direct-fired heaters use 100 percent of the combustion gases to heat air, making them more efficient than indirect-fired heaters. Some heaters can operate in areas with temperatures as low as -30°F. You may use ducts to carry hot air throughout a site or facility without worrying about fumes or exhaust.

Is it cheaper to have hot water on constant?

It is a myth that leaving your hot water on all of the time will save you money. Unless you need a constant supply of warm water, your boiler will be constantly heating when there is no real need. It is cheaper and more energy-efficient to switch your boiler on, only when you need the hot water.

What is the most economical way to heat your water?

Put simply, heating your water via your central heating gas boiler is your cheapest and most efficient option, if you have it.

Why are direct vent water heaters so expensive?

Water is heated by the heat of fuel. Water heating costs can be lower with a direct vent system because the exhaust gases are vented vertically and there is no extra power needed.

Do direct vent water heaters require electricity?

Direct Vent Water Heater A direct vent system typically results in lower water heating costs, because the exhaust gases are vented vertically, with no extra power required as is the case with the power vent water heater.