What is a Gateway cloning vector?

What is a Gateway cloning vector?

Gateway® Cloning is a universal cloning technique developed by Invitrogen life technologies. Gateway® Cloning Technique allows transfer of DNA fragments between different cloning vectors while maintaining the reading frame. Using Gateway®, one can clone/sub clone DNA segments for functional analysis.

What are the advantages of Gateway cloning?

Applications and Advantages of Gateway® Cloning

  • High cloning efficiency.
  • Reduced false positive rate due to the presence of ccdB gene.
  • Flexibility in moving the gene of interest into and out of many vectors.
  • Allowing to maintain desired reading frame and orientation.

What are the three methods that you can use to create a gateway entry clone?

There are three methods you can use to produce an Entry clone: BP cloning, restriction enzyme and ligase cloning, and Invitrogen TOPO cloning into a Invitrogen Gateway Entry vector, which is the most common method.

What is Gateway recombination?

Gateway technology facilitates cloning of genes, into and back out of, multiple vectors via site-specific recombination. Once a gene is cloned into an Entry clone you can then move the DNA fragment into one or more destination vectors simultaneously.

Is Gateway cloning expensive?

Using Gateway, one can clone subclone DNA segments for functional analysis. Gateway cloning does take more time for initial set-up, and is more expensive than traditional restriction enzyme and ligase-based cloning methods, but it saves time, and offers simpler and highly efficient cloning for down-stream applications.

How does Gateway cloning work?

Gateway Cloning Technique allows transfer of DNA fragments between different cloning vectors while maintaining the reading frame. The availability of these gene cassettes in a standard Gateway cloning plasmid helps researchers quickly transfer these cassettes into plasmids that facilitate the analysis of gene function.

What is a gateway networking?

1. A computer that sits between different networks or applications. The gateway converts information, data or other communications from one protocol or format to another. An Internet gateway can transfer communications between an enterprise network and the Internet.

What is a gateway cassette?

A Gateway® cassette containing attR recombination sites flanking a ccdB gene (1) and a chloramphenicol-resistance gene are blunt-end cloned into the multiple cloning site of any vector. ccdB Survival 2 competent cells allow propagation of the Gateway® vectors containing the ccdB gene.

Is Gateway cloning reversible?

Invitrogen Gateway recombination cloning uses a one hour reversible recombination reaction, without using restriction enzymes, ligase, subcloning steps, or screening of countless colonies, thereby saving you time, money, and effort.