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What is a good name for SSID?

What is a good name for SSID?

Here are some funny and clever SSID names:

  • It Burns When IP.
  • I’m Under Your Bed.
  • Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi.
  • FBI Surveillance Van #119871.
  • DEA Surveillance #4188A87.
  • I’m In Your Closet.
  • I’m Watching You Now.
  • Skynet Global Defense Network.

What are SSID names?

SSID (Network Name) and Password The SSID (Service Set Identifier) is the name of your wireless network, also known as Network ID. This is viewable to anyone with a wireless device within reachable distance of your network. It’s recommended you set up a password so not just anybody can connect to your network.

How can I trace SSID?

Locating the SSID:

  1. From the Apps menu, select Settings.
  2. Select Wi-Fi.
  3. Within the list of networks, look for the network name listed next to Connected. This is your network’s SSID.

What is SSID name in Wi-Fi?

SSID is simply the technical term for a Wi-Fi network name. When you set up a wireless home network, you give it a name to distinguish it from other networks in your neighbourhood. You’ll see this name when you connect your devices to your wireless network. Your WPA2 key is an alpha-numeric Wi-Fi network password.

What are some good WiFi names?

150 Funny WiFi Names

  • Drop Like Its Hotspot.
  • Keep It On The Download.
  • Panic At The Cisco.
  • Bill Wi the Science Fi.
  • Hogwarts Hall of Wifi.
  • The Force.
  • I’m Not A Witch I’m Your Wifi.
  • Chance the Router.

How long should SSID be?

32 characters
According to the documentation of the standard, the length of an SSID should be a maximum of 32 characters (32 octets, normally ASCII letters and digits, though the standard itself doesn’t exclude values). Some access point/router firmware versions use null-terminated strings and accept only 31 characters.

What is SSID example?

A Wi-Fi network’s SSID is the technical term for its network name. For example, if you see a sign telling you to join a network with an SSID of “Airport WiFi”, you just need to pull up the list of wireless networks nearby and join the “Airport WiFi” network.

What are some good Wi-Fi names?

How do I connect to a hidden SSID?

How to Connect to a Hidden Wi-Fi Network on Your Android Phone

  1. Open the Settings app and choose Wi-Fi.
  2. Tap the Action Overflow and choose Add Network. The item might be titled Add Wi-Fi Network.
  3. Type the network name into the Enter the SSID box.
  4. Choose the security setting.
  5. Type the password.

What is a good WiFi network name?

Cool Names for Wifi Networks

  • Keep it on the Download.
  • Wu Tang LAN.
  • Trust in God but Protect Your WiFi.
  • The Password is…
  • Open Sesame.
  • Everyday I’m buffering.
  • Girls Gone Wireless.
  • Lag Out Loud.

What should you not name your WiFi?

Do’s and Don’ts for Creating a Unique Network Name Don’t include personal information such as names, addresses, or birthdays. Don’t use any part of the router password as the name. Do make the SSID unique and memorable, so you don’t forget it.

Is it illegal to name your WiFi?

Individuals can create personal WiFi networks on devices such as laptops and mobile phones, and name them what they want. “But the simple naming of a WiFi network would not likely rise to the level of a threat or incitement.” So, all in all, the First Amendment does apply to WiFi network names.

What should the company name be for SSID?

I typically use something meaning full to employees such as an abbreviation of the company name, or an internally used site ID if you have such in your company. Otherwise I would be inclined to just stick with the existing SSID of the company name.

How to download 5000 most of common SSID names?

Clone via HTTPS Clone with Git or checkout with SVN using the repository’s web address. Learn more about clone URLs Download ZIP 5000 most of common SSID names from

What is the default SSID for my router?

Typically, manufacturers create default SSIDs by combining a company’s name with random numbers or letters. Depending on your router brand, the default SSID names could look something like this: TP-Link_015040, netgear37, Linksys00042, etc. Changing your SSID and password from the default is usually a good idea.

Which is the most common SSID in Australia?

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