What is a good score on the ASVAB?

What is a good score on the ASVAB?

Question: What is a good ASVAB score? Answer: A good ASVAB score would be a passing score, which would be anything above the minimum required score for the branch of the military that you are seeking to enlist in. For the Army, that would be any score above 31. For the Air Force, that would be any score above 36.

Is a 70 ASVAB score good?

With standard scores, the majority score is between 30 and 70. That means that a standard score of 50 is an average score and that a score of 60 is an above-average score.

How do I find out my ASVAB score?

You will receive your scores from your school counselor or an ASVAB Career Exploration Program Education Services Specialist. If you haven’t received your scores, first check with your counselor for assistance. If your school counselor has not received the scores after 30 days, click here to request your scores.

Is 38 a good ASVAB score?

A score of 38 on the ASVAB score chart exceeds the Army’s minimum requirement for enlistment, which is 31. You must also be between the ages of 17 and 35 to enlist in the Army, according to

Is 90 a good ASVAB score?

Your AFQT score is very important. If you receive a percentile score of 90, that simply means that you have scored as well or better than 90% of other test-takers. You’ll also receive a Composite Score, which is used by the military to determine which job you would be best suited for.

Is 55 a good score on the ASVAB?

Conclusion: What Is a Good ASVAB Score? There are three types of ASVAB scores you’ll get: Standard Scores: Given for each subtest; 50 is average and 60 is above average.

What jobs can I get with ASVAB score?

ASVAB Scores and Army Jobs (MOS)

MOS Army Job Title ASVAB Line Scores
89D Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) Specialist GM: 105
91A M1 Abrams Tank System Maintainer MM: 88 & GT: 92 or MM: 99
91B Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic MM: 87 & GT: 85 or MM: 92
91C Utilities Equipment Repairer GM: 98 or GM: 88 & GT: 83

What job can I get with my ASVAB score?