What is a language that is only written?

What is a language that is only written?

Quechua and Navajo are two languages without writing. The former is spread around South America and it is a collection of dialects; the Spaniards developed a writing system, based on transliteration, still in use.

Why is Perl a write-only language?

Perl is sometimes semi-jokingly referred to as a “write-only” language. That is, its syntax is so bizarre that code written in Perl is essentially unreadable by other programmers and thus not editable by other programmers. This sort of code is sometimes referred to as “line noise.”

Is Lisp write-only?

Lisp is an expression oriented language. Unlike most other languages, no distinction is made between “expressions” and “statements”; all code and data are written as expressions.

What is a write-only system?

In information technology, a write-only memory (WOM) is a memory location or register that can be written to but not read. In addition to its literal meaning, the term may be applied to a situation when the data written by one circuit can be read only by other circuitry.

What is the first written language?

Sumerian language
Sumerian language, language isolate and the oldest written language in existence. First attested about 3100 bce in southern Mesopotamia, it flourished during the 3rd millennium bce.

What languages are spoken but not written?

Only Mandarin, Cantonese and to a far lesser degree Hokkien have a written tradition. Other major varieties of Chinese, such as Shanghainese, Hunanese and Hakka, are barely if ever written: speakers write in Modern Standard Mandarin instead. The situation for the varieties of Arabic is similar.

What is the only language that a computer understands directly?

machine code
Programming languages Unfortunately, computers cannot understand ordinary spoken English or any other natural language. The only language they can understand directly is called machine code. This consists of the 1s and 0s (binary codes) that are processed by the CPU.

Is Python a LISP?

From Peter Norvig: Basically, Python can be seen as a dialect of Lisp with “traditional” syntax …

Is LISP a dead language?

One of the old languages, LISP, has lost its fame and started its journey to death. The language is being rarely used by developers these days. These days, developers do not use LISP directly, but they use general-purpose Lisp standalone implementations such as Clojure, Common Lisp and Scheme.

How do I verify a write only register?

Do a full register write (32-bits) with a unique pattern eg: 0x1234_5678 . Then read every byte of the register back with 8-bit reads and check the result. Invert the pattern and write each byte individually into every byte of the register. Read back the whole register, after every write and check the result.

Which is read write memory?

Read–write memory is a type of computer memory that can be easily written to as well as read from using electrical signalling normally associated with running a software, and without any other physical processes. The term might also refer to memory locations having both read and write permissions.