What is a Platonic solid simple definition?

What is a Platonic solid simple definition?

Platonic solid, any of the five geometric solids whose faces are all identical, regular polygons meeting at the same three-dimensional angles. Also known as the five regular polyhedra, they consist of the tetrahedron (or pyramid), cube, octahedron, dodecahedron, and icosahedron.

What is a Platonic solid for kids?

A platonic solid is a three dimensional shape. It has the following characteristics: Each face is built from the same type of polygons. There are the same number of polygons meeting at every corner of the shape.

What is an everyday example of a Platonic solid?

Even the microscopic world has examples of Platonic solids. Viruses, some of the smallest possible forms of life, make use of the icosahedron and the cube to optimize its life functions. The dual discoverers of DNA, Watson and Crick, predicted such icosahedral and cubic symmetry in their work.

How are Platonic solids used today?

Apart from their natural beauty, many interesting uses of Platonic solids exist in technology. For instance, tetrahedrons are frequently applied in electronics, icosahedrons have proven to be useful in geophysical modeling, and speakers with polyhedral faces are used to radiate sound energy in all directions.

What are platonic properties?

Platonism is the view that there exist such things as abstract objects — where an abstract object is an object that does not exist in space or time and which is therefore entirely non-physical and non-mental. Platonism in this sense is a contemporary view.

Which of the following is not a Platonic solid?

Answer: Heptahedron, Nonahedron, Pentagonal Prism, and Square Pyramid are not Platonic solids. Step-by-step explanation: There are only 5 platonic solids: Tetrahedron, Octagedron, Icosahedron, Cube, and Dodecahedron.

What is Platonic friendship?

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