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What is a quiet dorm?

What is a quiet dorm?

Acknowledging that some students want to be able to study in their dorm rooms, colleges offer quiet housing options for students who need a calmer environment than the average residence hall might offer.

What are quiet hours in dorms?

Most dorms have quiet hours (earlier on weekdays than on weekends), but these generally don’t start until after dinner or around bedtime (think 10:00 p.m on weekdays and 1:00 a.m. on weekends).

Are college apartments noisy?

If you live in a student apartment complex, you can expect some noise from time to time. If the amount of noise your neighbors produce is hindering your ability to study or get to sleep on time, though, you’re probably at your wit’s end. Luckily, there are lots of steps you can take to get your neighbors to quiet down.

What is break housing?

Break Housing Residence Halls Break Housing halls are the only halls that remain open during Thanksgiving, Winter Session and Spring Breaks.

What are Brown dorms like?

The dorms are more spacious with higher ceilings, two walk-in closets and… A SINK INSIDE THE ROOM. The closets are so massive you can lay down on its floor. I don’t know what my academic year would’ve looked like if it hadn’t been for Andrews Study and my proximity to it – living ten feet away from it.

What is the purpose of quiet hours?

Quiet hours are set times, usually during the morning and night, when tenants must be particularly respectful. This policy prohibits unnecessary or excessive noise. Noise is considered unreasonable if it is above a certain decibel level. Most cities and municipalities have a quiet hours policy in effect.

Why are college dorms so loud?

Confront the culprit: The majority of noise in a college dorm will likely be from too many people being next door, or music/the TV being turned up too loud. If it’s getting on your nerves, simply go over and ask them if they can turn it down a bit.

Are mini fridges allowed in UCLA dorms?

One (1) mini refrigerator is allowed per room and may not be operated in a closet or enclosed area. All refrigerators must be less than six (6) cubic feet, be U.L. Approved, and be in good working condition. Refrigerators must be emptied and unplugged during the winter recess.

Are college dorms soundproof?

College dorm rooms are typically constructed with materials that are not any more soundproof than a normal room in a house. A student living in a dorm should not expect a dorm room to be completely soundproof, unless aftermarket additions are made, or soundproof mitigation techniques are used.

What should you do about loud neighbors in your dorm or apartment?


  1. Document the offenses. There are a variety of ways you can do this.
  2. Give a courtesy knock. A courtesy knock may help.
  3. Talk to your neighbor. If a friendly knock doesn’t work, you can chat with them about it the next time you see them.
  4. Contact the landlord.
  5. File a noise complaint.

Does Amherst have coed dorms?

There are single-sex environments and coed residences halls as well as communities where students who share common interests can live.