What is a repair bot?

What is a repair bot?

Repair bots are engineer-made mechanical creatures that can buy unwanted goods, sell reagents and (what is most important) repair gear. They are typically consumed upon use. ( [Jeeves] is currently the sole repair bot that is not consumed on use.)

Is there repair bot in classic?

Use: Unfolds into a Field Repair Bot that can repair damaged items and purchase unwanted goods. After 10 minutes its internal motor fails. Use: Unfolds into a Field Repair Bot that can repair damaged items and purchase unwanted goods.

Is there a repair bot in TBC?

Seeing as there is some form of repair/reagent NPC in or right outside of every TBC raid, the only reason to use these is if you’ve wiped inside an instance and trash has spawned behind you.

How do you get Field Repair Bot?

The Schematic: Field Repair Bot 74A is a physical schematic that can’t be placed in your inventory, it can be found in the Manufactory of Blackrock Depths. You will need Engineering (300) to be able to learn how to craft a Field Repair Bot 74A.

What is field repair?

Equipment field repair is a segment of operating cost defined as routine, daily servicing of the equipment and would include repairing, replacing or adjusting small components such as pumps, carburetors, injectors, batteries, filters, belts, gaskets, and hoses.

How long do repair bots last?

It lasts for 10 minutes and there is a 10 minute cooldown on the robot so you can only deploy one at a time. It was considered to be one of the most important engineering items in the game, especially useful for repairing entire raid groups without having to leave a dungeon.

Where do you hand in dark iron residue?

Thorium Point
The residue is turned in at Thorium Point. You have to have done the What the Flux quest before you can turn it in. In addition, you can only do this quest when you are at Friendly status with the Thorium Brotherhood.

Is Field Repair Bot 110G reusable?

Field Repair Bot 110G is an upgraded version of [Field Repair Bot 74A] – Engineer-created robot that can be deployed anywhere. It essentially functions as a merchant with a repair ability: it can both completely repair gear and purchase items from players….External links.

Item NPC
Wowhead WoWDB Wowhead WoWDB

Is Jeeves a one time use?

Jeeves is not destroyed when used, but due to pressing engagements, can only be summoned once an hour. The schematic for this handsome robot was said to be hidden within the parts of another robot – hoping to be found by an engineer one day.

Is there a repair toy in wow?

This handy item is crafted by Engineers. It is consumable, stacks to 20, and does not require Engineering to use – it can be bought/sold on the Auction House or traded in its current form. It acts as a repair bot, similar to Jeeves, but without the bank access for Engineers.