What is a SAT application?

What is a SAT application?

Individuals, organisations and Government agencies can apply to SAT to make decisions, settle disputes and review decisions. SAT is empowered to make decisions for a range of enabling laws including more than 156 Acts, regulations, town planning schemes and by-laws.

What is the role of the State Administrative Tribunal?

The State Administrative Tribunal is an independent statutory body responsible for appointing a guardian or administrator in the best interests of a person with a decision-making disability.

What is a SAT order?

Enforcing a Monetary Order When SAT makes an order that another party owes you a sum of money, a copy of the order is given to both parties and the debt is payable immediately. A delay in payment should not be assumed to mean that the person concerned has no intention of complying with the order.

What is SAT in WA?

Welcome. The State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) in Western Australia deals with a broad range of administrative, commercial and personal matters. These matters span human rights, vocational regulation, commercial and civil disputes, and development and resources issues.

How many states have administrative tribunals?

Notes: The State Administrative Tribunals (SATs) have been set up in the nine states of Andhra Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Odisha, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Kerala.

What is state administrative tribunal?

The State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) deals with a wide variety of administrative, commercial and personal matters. These range from vocational disciplinary matters and equal opportunity complaints to guardianship and administration questions, commercial tenancy disputes and town planning and compensation issues.

What are the different types of administrative tribunals?

There are tribunals for settling various administrative and tax-related disputes, including Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT), Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT), Customs, Excise and Service Tax Appellate Tribunal (CESTAT), National Green Tribunal (NGT), Competition Appellate Tribunal (COMPAT) and Securities …

How many types of administrative tribunals are there?

Types of Administrative Tribunal 1. Industrial Tribunal 2. Copy Right Board 3. Income-tax Appellate Tribunal 4.

What is an example of an administrative tribunal?

Administrative tribunals provide justice between citizens and the government. Some examples of important administrative tribunals and boards are: Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) – Hears and makes decision on immigration and refugee cases and appeals.

How much does it cost to apply for State Administrative Tribunal?

Requests for non-personal information require an application fee of $30 before the application can be processed. Clause 5 of the Glossary to the FOI Act provides that a document relating to a court (including a Tribunal) is not to be regarded as a document of the court (the agency) unless it relates to matters of an administrative nature.

How does the State Administrative Tribunal in Western Australia work?

The eCourts Portal can be used for managing proceedings in the Tribunal and all Western Australian Courts, and it is available for use by the legal profession, government agencies and self-represented litigants. Benefits of eLodgment include the ability to lodge applications and forms electronically, and to access documents and orders anytime.

How are proceedings commenced in the State Administrative Tribunal?

Proceedings in the Tribunal’s jurisdiction are commenced by filing originating documents. All Tribunal originating documents are available to be lodged via the Portal. Once completed, you will receive a matter number for your reference and you will be able to file other (non-originating) documents using the ECMS. You can lodge:

How to contact the State Administrative Tribunal ( sat )?

If you need to make an application under the new Guardianship and Administration provision section 110ZZ please telephone the Tribunal on 9219 3111.