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What is a subduct exhaust?

What is a subduct exhaust?

Subducts are simple alternative to fire/smoke dampers when penetrating exhaust shafts in multi-story buildings. A subduct is commonly used for clothes dryer exhaust penetrations where local or state codes do not allow the use of fire/smoke dampers.

What is the purpose of a Subduct?

WHAT IS AN ACTIVATED SUB-DUCT? A sub-duct is described by AS 1668.1 (1998) as fire-rated projection into a fire-rated riser that forms a natural smoke barrier.

What is a sub duct riser?

The purpose of the EXHAUSTO Subduct Riser, SDR, is to eliminate the need for fire and smoke dampers in commercial multi-story buildings. This is achieved by using a rectangular shaped subduct that rises 22 inches into the main exhaust shaft. The SDR attaches to the appliance duct using standard vent fittings.

What is sub duct?

3.2 Ovality of the cable duct (sub-duct) is the amount the greatest diameter exceeds the diameter at 90° to it, (at one position) divided by the average diameter. It is expressed as a percentage.

Is Subduct a word?

to take away; subtract. to withdraw; remove.

What is another word for subduction?

What is another word for subduction?

subtraction deduction
taking away lessening
markdown rollback
knock-off abstraction
discounting docking

What is duct in telecom?

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) ducts are used for the construction of underground duct system for fiber optic and copper cables in the telecommunication’s outside plant network. …

What is 2way duct?

MULTIduct™ is an innovative, lightweight and structural multiple duct cable protection system offering a modern alternative to traditional cable ducting systems.

What happens when two oceanic plates collide?

A subduction zone is also generated when two oceanic plates collide — the older plate is forced under the younger one — and it leads to the formation of chains of volcanic islands known as island arcs.

What causes a subduction zone?

Oceanic crust is denser than continental crust. At a subduction zone, the oceanic crust usually sinks into the mantle beneath lighter continental crust. (Sometimes, oceanic crust may grow so old and that dense that it collapses and spontaneously forms a subduction zone, scientists think.)

What are the three types of subduction?

There are three main types: Convergent boundaries, where plates move towards each other. Divergent boundaries, where plates move apart. Transform boundaries, where plates slide alongside each other.