What is a Tracker DTS?

What is a Tracker DTS?

Tracker DTS transceiver uses a multi-dimensional antenna system to locate buried transmitters, eliminating user signal-interpretation errors. Lights indicate the direction of the signal; simply rotate like a compass and proceed as arrow lights indicate.

Is BCA Tracker 2 still good?

The BCA Tracker2 used to be one of best overall performing beacons on the market. While it is slowly getting passed by several similarly priced all-arounder models, it remains a solid beacon.

How many antennas does a tracker 2 have?

3 Antennas
The Tracker 2 has a slightly slower display then the tracker 3, the processors still input signals instantly and update the display at the same time….

BCA DTS Tracker 2 BCA Tracker 3
Antennas 3 3
Harness Included YES YES
Search Range 50 Metres 50 Metres
Weight 255 g 215 g

How do you wear a BCA Tracker harness?

Most manufacturers (including BCA) recommend keeping all electronics and metal objects 20cm (8 inches) away from your transceiver when in transmit mode. Many shell jackets have a radio pocket on both the right and left side of the chest, and most harnesses put your transceiver on the left side of your chest.

Is the Tracker 2 a 3 antenna beacon?

Summary: The Tracker2 is a three-antenna transceiver from Backcountry Access (BCA).

When did the BCA Tracker 2 come out?

JUNE 2020: T2 SOFTWARE UPDATE NOW AVAILABLE – CLICK TO LEARN MORE. The BCA Tracker2™ Avalanche Transceiver offers the industry’s fastest, most precise pinpointing, with triple receive antenna, instantaneous real-time display, and easy-to-use interface. Industry-leading ease of use, real-time display, and durability.

Do avalanche beacons expire?

Two of the four manufacturers I spoke with, Mammut and BCA, do not have a set age after which one should retire a beacon. Mammut recommends electronic diagnostic checks every three years for the Pulse and every two years for the Opto 3000.

How long do avalanche transceivers last?

How long will the battery power last on a Tracker? Minimum 1 hour in search mode after 200 hours in transmit mode (approximately 250 hours in transmit only, or 50 hours in search only). This is the standard all beacons are required to pass for European approval.

Where do avalanche beacons go?

Ideally, your beacon is always under one of your outer most layers so you don’t have to dig for it in an emergency.