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What is additional protocol of IAEA?

What is additional protocol of IAEA?

The Additional Protocol is a legal document granting the IAEA complementary inspection authority to that provided in underlying safeguards agreements. A principal aim is to enable the IAEA inspectorate to provide assurance about both declared and possible undeclared activities.

How does IAEA ensure compliance with NPT?

In addition, the IAEA, through its safeguards system, verifies compliance with similar non-proliferation undertakings by parties to regional nuclear-weapon-free zone treaties . Under such agreements, the IAEA is also responsible for verifying the absence of possible undeclared material and activities .

Is Iran part of the IAEA?

Iran has been the subject of one of the most intensive investigations in the history of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). It was not always this way. Iran was an original signatory of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation (NPT) Treaty in 1968. The shah concluded an IAEA safeguards agreement in 1974.

What are the three main bodies of the IAEA?

The IAEA has three main bodies: the Board of Governors, the General Conference, and the Secretariat. The IAEA exists to pursue the “safe, secure and peaceful uses of nuclear sciences and technology” (Pillars 2005).

What is the implication of ratifying additional protocol with IAEA?

The ratification of additional protocol will ensure the collection of data of India’s nuclear exports, to guarantee that the material is not diverted for unauthorised use. The new arrangement would also facilitate regular entry and exit of the IAEA personnel by providing them with multi-entry visas.

What is small quantities protocol?

A small quantities protocol (SQP) to a comprehensive safeguards agreement (CSA) is meant for States with little or no nuclear material subject to safeguards and with only limited nuclear activities.

Has Iran ratified additional protocol?

Iran signed the Additional Protocol in 2003, but had not ratified it as of 2010.

What is safeguards Agreement?

Safeguards agreements ensure that all nuclear activity a state undertakes is for peaceful purposes and that a state is not engaging in illicit nuclear activities. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), is the independent organization charged with applying safeguards.

Is Pakistan member of IAEA?

With its headquarters in Vienna, the IAEA reports to both the United Nations General Assembly and Security Council. Pakistan is a founding member of the IAEA and has enjoyed a mutually beneficial collaboration with the agency on peaceful uses of nuclear energy.

What are the three pillars of the IAEA activities?

IAEA Mission & Programmes Three main areas of work underpin the IAEA’s mission: Safety and Security, Science and Technology, and Safeguards and Verification.

What is the main function of IAEA?

The main functions of the IAEA are to: encourage and assist research, development and practical application of atomic energy for peaceful uses throughout the world; establish and administer safeguards designed to ensure that such activity assisted by the Agency is not used to further any military purpose; apply …

What is the purpose of the Model Additional Protocol Infcirc 540 )?

The Model Additional Protocol (INFCIRC/540) was developed in the 1990s to strengthen the safeguards system in non-nuclear weapon states under the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT). Its main goal is to expand the range of information about its peaceful nuclear activities that a state reports to the IAEA.