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What is airOS?

What is airOS?

airOS is an advanced operating system capable of powerful wireless and routing features, built upon a simple and intuitive user interface foundation. This User Guide describes the airOS operating system version 5.6, which is integrated into all M Series products provided by Ubiquiti Networks.

How does AirMagic work?

airMagic leverages the second RF interface in every airMAX AC radio. It collects spectral data from each radio and allows you to more quickly select the best frequency for all radios.

What is air magic in ubiquiti?

AirMagic is a powerful new tool introduced with the AirMac AC Version 8 firmware. It allows the AP radio to continiously and in real time, gather channel by channel interference readings from each and every of its CPE radios.

What is Airmax quality and capacity?

As the Definitions say, Airmax Quality is an indication of the quality of the connection – ie the signal strength being recieved and sent. Airmax Capacity is an indication of the data rate, so in the scenario mentioned the maximum speed in the system will be 150/150.

How do I reset my air router?

I then looked around some more to find that you have to unplug the router from the power, press and hold the reset button then re-power the unit whilst holding in the reset button and keeping it pressed for 15 seconds after powered, i did this and how my LAN lights are flashing in a particular pattern; 1 & 3 both flash …

How do I access ubnt device?

Open your browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, etc.) and type in address bar: (the default address of the Nano) then press the Enter key. Type in ubnt twice and click OK → (If this window did not appear, there may be a problem with the wiring, the network card or a firewall).

What is airMAX quality and capacity?

How do I get the best airView channel?

How to Use airView to Find the Best Channel

  1. To access the airView utility, log in to the device in question.
  2. Click the Tools dropdown menu and select airView.
  3. A pop-up window will appear, with a warning that states that by launching airView, all wireless connections will be terminated for as long as the program runs.

What is airMAX CPE?

Compact indoor/outdoor, high-performance CPEs featuring airMAX® AC technology and a dedicated Wi-Fi radio for management, frequency: 5 GHz, throughput: 450+ Mbps, range: 10+ km, 1 x 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet Port (PoE Supply NOT INCLUDED)

Why is airMAX capacity low?

What is AMQ? Available if airMAX is enabled. The airMax Quality (AMQ) measurement is based on the number of retries and the quality of the physical link. If this value is low, you may have interference and need to change frequencies.

What kind of compression device does airos 8 use?

The FDA-cleared AIROS 8 Sequential Compression Device is a versatile, advanced Sequential Compression Device. The device provides effective intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC) therapy treatment for both the upper and lower extremities.

What kind of controllers are compatible with aireos 8.5?

The 8.5 Mainline branch supports 5508/8510/5520/8540/3504/2504/7510/WiSM2/vWLC controllers. It supports intercontroller mobility (IRCM) between AireOS and old “New Mobility” (“Converged Access”) controllers (5760/3850/3650.) It does not support IRCM with 9800 controllers.

Which is the best upgrade path for aireos 8.1?

The recommended upgrade path for AireOS 8.1 customers is to 8.3 or, if feasible, 8.5. For AireOS 8.0 customers, TAC supports No further 8.0 releases are planned. and are susceptible to the AID Errors problem ( CSCve81314 (local mode APs) and CSCve81269 (FlexConnect APs)).

Is there an end of life bulletin for aireos 8.6?

AireOS is a short-lived release with no maintenance planned, and is deferred – see the End of Life bulletin . Customers who require new features that are unavailable in 8.5 should run 8.10.