What is an Admiralty Notice to Mariners?

What is an Admiralty Notice to Mariners?

ADMIRALTY Notices to Mariners. ADMIRALTY Notices to Mariners are weekly updates that provide bridge crews with the latest safety-critical navigational information. They can be downloaded for free below or purchased as weekly bulletins from your ADMIRALTY Distributor.

What is Preliminary Notice to Mariners?

What is Preliminary Notice to Mariners? PRELIMINARY (P) NOTICES. (a) When important changes affecting navigation are to take place in the near future, a Notice to Mariners describing the change will be published so that the mariners will have advanced information on the change. Such notices will be designated (P).

What is Annual Notice to Mariners?

Notices to Mariners (NtMs) are the means by which all national hydrographic offices provide the latest safety-critical information to mariners. It is therefore imperative for all mariners to update their charts and nautical publications for NtMs to ensure that they continue to be safe to use.

How often is notice to mariners issued?

Over 60 countries which produce nautical charts also produce a notice to mariners….Notice to Mariners.

The front cover of a Notice to Mariners.
Purpose: Provide corrections to navigational publications and nautical charts.
Publication Frequency: Weekly

What are the sections of the notices to Mariners?

The Notices to Mariners publication is a complete compilation of all South African chart and publication updates issued in any one month. It is divided into six sections: Section I – Explanatory Notes and Index Section II – SAN Notices to Mariners.

When do notices to mariners come out in South Africa?

To assist users in identifying outstanding Notices to Mariners and audit trails for a particular chart or charts, the SANHO produces a publication entitled the Cumulative List of South African Notices to Mariners, published in January each year.

Where can I find Coast Guard local notices to Mariners?

Weekly messages informing subscribers when the Coast Guard District Local Notices to Mariners (LNM) is available for downloading from the Navigation Center website.

When do Week 13 notices to mariners come out?

Unfortunately week 13 Notices to Mariners were not added to the corrections published for ADMIRALTY Leisure Folios in that week. The correct information was published on 14 May 2020. Therefore, if you updated your ADMIRALTY Leisure Folios between 19 March and 14 May 2020, you may have missed these corrections.