What is another word for Oceanic?

What is another word for Oceanic?

In this page you can discover 19 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for oceanic, like: marine, sea, maritime, aquatic, pelagic, nautical, seafaring, thalassic, vast, neritic and Eastern Malayo-Polynesian.

Where does the word oceanic come from?

Indeed “ocean” comes, via the Old French occean, from the Latin oceanus, and ultimately from the Greek okeanos (after the Ancient Greek water deity Okeanós) – meaning “the great river or sea surrounding the disk of the Earth”.

What does oceanique mean?

(oʊʃiænɪk ) adjective [ADJECTIVE noun] Oceanic means belonging or relating to an ocean or to the sea. Many oceanic islands are volcanic.

How do you use Oceanic in a sentence?

Oceanic sentence example

  1. The continental area is on one side of the sphere and the oceanic on the other.
  2. The general scheme of oceanic circulation was made out prior to 1910.

What is the opposite of oceanic?

What is the opposite of oceanic?

land terrestrial
nonaquatic earthbound
land-dwelling surface-dwelling

What is another name for oceanic crust?

A term that is sometimes used for oceanic crust rocks is sima, which is short for magnesium silicate, a common component of these rocks. Another term for these undersea igneous rocks is mafic, which comes from the fact that they are high in magnesium and iron. Basalt and gabbro are examples of mafic rocks.

Is ocean a boy or girl name?

The name Ocean is primarily a gender-neutral name of Greek origin that means Sea.

What is ocean plural?

noun, often attributive. \ ˈō-shən \ plural oceans.

Where is the oceanic zone located?

The oceanic zone is typically defined as the area of the ocean lying beyond the continental shelf (such as the Neritic zone), but operationally is often referred to as beginning where the water depths drop to below 200 meters (660 feet), seaward from the coast into the open ocean with its Pelagic zone.

What is the climate for the ocean?

An oceanic climate, also called a maritime climate, is a type of weather pattern. In an area with an oceanic climate, summers are cool and winters are cooler but not very cold. There is rain in the summer and rain and snow in the winter with no dry season. Oceanic climates are caused by wind patterns.

What is an oceanic plate?

Oceanic plates are formed by divergent plate boundaries. These zones, located along mid-ocean ridges, represent areas where upwelling magma creates new oceanic crust. As lava flows from these volcanic ridges, it quickly cools, forming extrusive igneous rock. As oceanic plates subduct, they melt to form magma.

How is oceanic crust made?

Oceanic crust is constantly formed at mid-ocean ridges, where tectonic plates are tearing apart from each other. As magma that wells up from these rifts in Earth’s surface cools, it becomes young oceanic crust. The age and density of oceanic crust increases with distance from mid-ocean ridges.