What is ASOP 41?

What is ASOP 41?

An actuarial communication is a written, electronic or oral communication to a principal. An actuarial report is a form of actuarial communication that is covered by ASOP 41.

What does Asop stand for?


Acronym Definition
ASOP Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies
ASOP Actuarial Standards of Practice
ASOP Agent for Service of Process
ASOP Afghan Social Outreach Program

What is Asop 23?

The ASB originally adopted ASOP No. 23, Data Quality (Doc. No. 044), in 1993. 23 to be consistent with the current ASOP format, to reflect current, generally accepted practice with respect to data quality, and to provide guidance concerning other information relevant to the use of data.

What is actuarial standard practice?

Actuarial Standards of Practice (ASOPs) identify what the actuary should consider, document, and disclose when performing an actuarial assignment. They range from detailed instructions on how to make certain calculations to more general requirements as to what should be disclosed in actuarial reports.

Is ASAP a standard abbreviation?

abbreviation for as soon as possible: Please reply ASAP.

Is Abbrev a standard abbreviation?

It may consist of a group of letters or words taken from the full version of the word or phrase; for example, the word abbreviation can itself be represented by the abbreviation abbr., abbrv., or abbrev.; NPO, for nil (or nothing) per (by) os (mouth) is an abbreviated medical instruction.

Where can I find actuarial guidelines?

The guidelines are published by the Council on Professionalism of the American Academy of Actuaries. The scope of the AGs is only the ASOPs (including Exposure Drafts of ASOPs).

What is abbreviation of ASAP?

As soon as possible
ASAP: As soon as possible.

What type of abbreviation is ASAP?

Asap is an abbreviation for `as soon as possible’.

How do you write tablespoon?

Culinary measure In recipes, an abbreviation like tbsp. is usually used to refer to a tablespoon, to differentiate it from the smaller teaspoon (tsp.). Some authors additionally capitalize the abbreviation, as Tbsp., while leaving tsp.

What are actuarial guidelines?

ASOPs are authoritative guidance for actuaries practicing in the U.S. and are issued by the Actuarial Standards Board (ASB). The Applicability Guidelines (AGs) are intended to suggest to actuaries which ASOPs might provide guidance to them on more common assignments.

What are the changes to ASOP No.41?

Accordingly, the ASB has restructured section 4 as follows: 2. the treatment of deviations from the guidance of any ASOP (including situations where assumptions are not set by the actuary) is codified in this section 4. Other significant changes from the existing ASOP No. 41 that remain from the first draft are as follows: 3.

What is the actuarial standard of practice ( ASOP )?

This actuarial standard of practice (ASOP) provides guidance to actuaries with respect to actuarial communications. This standard applies to actuaries issuing actuarial communications within any practice area.

Why is the ASB issuing a second exposure draft?

The ASB is issuing this revised version of ASOP No. 41 as a second exposure draft to provide members of actuarial organizations governed by the ASOPs and other interested parties an opportunity to comment. While all comments will be considered, the committee is particularly interested in the following questions: