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What is classNames?

What is classNames?

classnames is a library that provides us conditional class selection in React. This cn is a function which can take n number of arguments and each argument is a defined css class. This function on completion returns a string of all the arguments joined.

What is classNames library?

The classNames function takes any number of arguments which can be a string or object. The argument ‘foo’ is short for { foo: true } . If the value associated with a given key is falsy, that key won’t be included in the output.

How do I use className library in React?

So where you may have the following code to generate a className prop for a in React:

  1. var Button = React. createClass({ // render () { var btnClass = ‘btn’; if (this.
  2. var classNames = require(‘classnames’); var Button = React. createClass({ // …
  3. var classes = classNames({ bar: this. props.

How do I import classNames?

“import classnames from ‘classnames’” Code Answer

  1. Installation:
  2. yarn add classnames or npm i classnames.
  3. Usage:
  4. classNames(‘foo’, ‘bar’); // => ‘foo bar’
  5. classNames(‘foo’, { bar: true }); // => ‘foo bar’
  6. classNames({ ‘foo-bar’: true }); // => ‘foo-bar’
  7. classNames({ ‘foo-bar’: false }); // => ”

What is JSX className?

className is the javascript handler to define and read the html class of a node. those are mostly used to search the site for element that are in the same group (like all elements that are part of a list etc) and to define style properties through css for that group of elements.

What is CLSX?

clsx is generally used to conditionally apply a given className. This syntax means that some class will only be applied if a given condition evaluates to true const menuStyle = clsx({ [classes. root] : true, //always applies [classes.

What is ReactDOM?

What is ReactDOM? ReactDOM is a package that provides DOM specific methods that can be used at the top level of a web app to enable an efficient way of managing DOM elements of the web page. ReactDOM provides the developers with an API containing the following methods and a few more.

What is CLSX used for?

clsx is a tiny utility for constructing className strings conditionally, out of an object with keys being the class strings, and values being booleans.

Why we use CLSX in react?

A tiny (228B) utility for constructing className strings conditionally. Also serves as a faster & smaller drop-in replacement for the classnames module.

What is JSX example?

JSX stands for JavaScript XML. It is simply a syntax extension of JavaScript. It is faster than normal JavaScript as it performs optimizations while translating to regular JavaScript. Instead of separating the markup and logic in separated files, React uses components for this purpose.


This funny tag syntax is neither a string nor HTML. It is called JSX, and it is a syntax extension to JavaScript. We recommend using it with React to describe what the UI should look like. JSX may remind you of a template language, but it comes with the full power of JavaScript.

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