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What is equivalent to Nissan Matic D?

What is equivalent to Nissan Matic D?

D-III is an acceptable substitute for Nissan Matic-D transmission requirements; brand X fluid will also be less expensive than Nissan-branded fluid.

Is STP transmission fluid synthetic?

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION STP Synthetic Chain & Belt CVT fluid is scientifically engineered to help protect against wear, deliver consistent smooth shifting while extending transmission life.

What kind of transmission oil do I need for my car?

What Transmission Fluid Do I Need?

Car Make Transmission Fluid Type
GM Toyota (pre-2004) Dexron VI
All Honda (except CVT) Acura (except CVT) ATF DW-1
Nissan Subaru Infiniti Matic S, Matic K, Matic D
Toyota (2004 and later) Toyota ATF-WS

How much is a transmission fluid change?

It depends on where you take it. At a mechanics shop or dealer, the price will likely range between $80 to $250. However, if you’re willing and able to do it yourself, it should fall between $50-$100.

What transmission fluid is compatible with Nissan Matic J?

Several companies make Nissan Matic J compatable fluid. The ones that full comply are Subaru ATF-HP, Idemitsu ATF-HP, Castrol Transmax J or Pennzoil ATF-J.

Who makes STP transmission fluid?

STP (motor oil company)

Product type Automotive performance products
Owner Energizer Holdings
Country United States
Introduced 1954
Previous owners Armored AutoGroup Spectrum Brands

Is all ATF 4 full-synthetic?

Valvoline™ ATF+4® is a full-synthetic transmission fluid specifically engineered to protect and prolong the life of (FCA) Fiat Chrysler automatic transmissions. It is officially licensed and approved by FCA and is fully back-serviceable and can be used wherever ATF+3, ATF+2 or ATF+ is specified.

How do you know when to change your transmission fluid?

Signs That You Need to Change Your Transmission Fluid

  1. Puddles under your car.
  2. Roaring sounds when you accelerate or go around corners.
  3. Difficulty shifting.
  4. Engine revving when going around corners.
  5. A chattering noise when you start driving.
  6. A slight burning smell.
  7. Warning light.

Is Matic’s the same as Matic J?

Matic S is the superseded, latest and greatest fluid for our vehicles. If. You ask for J, they will give you S.